Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.20.2020

Dan Adamson
December 20, 2020

Good morning!

Point Fitness/CFTP Angel
I have found our Angels! I will be collecting money until 24 December 8 PM! You can donate by sending me a venmo donation at daniel-adamson-6. When you send the money, please put Angel in the comments so I know what it is for. The more money we collect the more we can help this family and this individual.
I am going to be vague when explaining the situations of these people as to not give away who they are. The family that we have chosen has recently had a premature baby and they also have a few other kids. The husband is the only one able to work and the mother is dealing with postpartum and has to be driven to the hospital to breast feed the baby which is difficult because the baby is so small. On top of the emotional strain this has on their family, the husband is being denied by his work for any kind of leave of absence due to having to transport his wife to the hospital and this leaves them unpaid. This is a friend of a member at The Point. Definitely a family in need.
The second person is a member who will definitely need our support over the coming months. That's about as much as I want to divulge there but both these candidates are in need and I am excited to help them.
Any little bit helps. I really hope we can help alleviate the burden of these individuals at least a little bit during this holiday season. 100% of the money goes directly to these people so please, if you are able, donate.

Holiday Schedule
The schedule for the next two weeks will be slightly modified. You can always check the PushPress Members App to see the updated schedule.
Christmas Eve
Regular Morning classes only
New Year's Eve
Regular Morning Classes
New Year's Day
Snowy Murph. Morning classes only! 8 and 9:30 AM

I'm Back!
It's crazy that I haven't been able to see you all for the past 12 days or so... One thing I learned is that I need to see you all and mingle with the good people of The Point. I definitely missed you.
I think we often take for granted our ability to work out. It isn't until an injury or an illness comes along that we realize just how important the daily workouts are. I've read and studied a lot about the affect that exercise has on the mind and I am more convinced than ever that this world would be a better place if everyone took an hour out of their day and dedicated it to exercise. Not only exercise but also the importance of having that group of people around you to motivate you. I almost miss that more than the workouts. I miss racing the clock alongside my friends. I miss the high fives (or in Covid times, the head nods) at the end of the workout celebrating what we had accomplished.
The older we get the less I feel we get to celebrate ourselves. We get caught up in the chasing of money or just go into survival mode with trying to keep our head above water. We throw ourselves into our children's lives and other important but sometimes distracting things that keep us from self-care which is so important.
I always hope that The Point can be a place where you can put the cares of the world on hold for an hour and focus on you. A place where you can hang out with your friends and not worry about other outside forces. My favorite thing about owning a gym is being that sanctuary while providing top notch training that will make you fitter and make you healthier human beings.

I can't wait to workout with you all again this week. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas this week and that you feel the joy of the season!

Coach Dan

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