Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.21.2014

November 6, 2020

Happy Christmas week CFTP,This week is Christmas week! I want to wish you all Merry Christmas and want to put out the holiday schedule:Monday and Tuesday (December 22-23) = Regular hoursWednesday (Christmas Eve) = Morning Classes onlyThursday (Christmas) = CancelledFriday and Saturday (December 26-27)= regular hoursNext week:Monday and Tuesday (December 29-30) = Regular hoursWednesday (New Year's Eve) = Morning Classes onlyThursday (New Year's Day) = Morning Classes 9 and 10 AM (Snowy Murph)Friday and Saturday (January 2-3)= regular hoursLet me know if you have any questions.This past week we were able to deliver gifts given by you for Sub for Santa. There are many things I love about being a part of the CFTP community but nothing beats the hospitality and the love you all show to the community around us. Being able to deliver gifts to those in need of a Christmas is a special experience and it couldn't be done without the helping hands of those at The Point. I wish we could have taken everyone to the houses that we delivered to so you all could see the difference your act of kindness made. You all are the best people I know and I am so proud to call you my friends. Thank you.


As we approach the New Year I hope that all of you will look back on this past year and notice how far you have come. I have taken some time today and have thought about each of you and tried to remember the first day you walked through the doors at The Point. I am amazed at just how far your dedication and your hard work has taken you. You all are physically stronger than you were but not only that, I hope that you feel you have grown as a person as well. When you push yourself and you achieve goals that you set it breeds a kind of confidence that can be earned in no other way. Every day I hope to do my part in helping you achieve your goals. Nothing makes me happier then to see an individual accomplish something they have long been seeking. I love when you share these accomplishments with me and the other trainers at the gym. Please continue to fuel us with your successes.On a more somber note. I hope you all hold your friends and family close this time of year. This is the time of year to be with our friends and family. Life is really too fragile to not enjoy it and to not show those we love how we truly feel. Yesterday, I attended a funeral of a dear friend of Emily's, Seth Potter. While I had only met Seth once in my life I was amazed at the influence this young life had on those around him. Seth was only 30 years old when he passed on. At this funeral in rural Wyoming there were more than one thousand in attendance. Each and every one of those in attendance had been touched by Seth in a special way. I left the funeral touched and I learned something very important. Tomorrow never comes. Don't put off that phone call to an old friend or lunch with a visiting family member. Drop a line to a long time friend who has since moved away. Tell those we see everyday how you really feel about them. Let go of that grudge that holds you back from real happiness. Everyone deserves to be happy and you can be the person who can be the difference in the life of another.I truly am grateful for the opportunity I have to rub shoulders with such great people. Thank you for creating an atmosphere that is welcoming of all people. Have a Merry Christmas and God bless.Coach Dan

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