Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.27.2020

Progress should be at the forefront of our goal setting. It doesn't matter how quickly we are progressing, as long as we are making strides
Dan Adamson
December 27, 2020

Good morning!

Point Fitness/CFTP Angel
Thank you all so much for your donations to this year's angels. We were able to collect $902 that went directly to the family and individual in need. This is such a blessing to these friends of ours and I know they appreciate it greatly. I love that we can come together a pull off something like this. It's just a little sacrifice from us but goes a long way for these people in need. Thank you all so much for contributing.
Just got a message from the family you all contributed to and his response: "Thank you so much from my wife and I, this money it's gonna help us to pay for rent. We're very touched and grateful. God bless you guys."
You all truly added happiness to this family's holiday season. Thank you so much!

Dexabody Van is Coming
The Dexabody van will be coming on January! The van is coming January 14th! They’ll be there from 7 AM till 6 PM for as long spots are taken throughout the day.

This will be for quarter 4 2020 retest and for the quarter 1 2021 initial test for the dexabody side hustle competition! Remember, if you are interested in the 2021 Quarter 1 side hustle, all you have to do is get scanned on the 14th and then get rescanned 3 months later when the van returns. It'll be $50 to join the side hustle and the person/people who have the highest percentage of fat loss will win the pot!
I will be sending out an email and posting in Facebook for the official sign up when it gets closer to the 14th.
Go here to sign up for your spot. Do it now so we can make sure that we get the van. They require 25 sign ups for them to commit to coming.

New Year's mini promotion
We are offering a mini promotion that you can share with your friends who are looking to try us out. As the New Year comes around, many of our friends will be looking to change up their workout routines in order to meet their goals. Share this promotion with them and maybe Point Fitness will be the right fit for them.

Group Fitness Promo
21 days for $21 - Some say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Let's try this theory out! No commitments after. Just 21 days to give us a try. This is good for all Burn (Bootcamp), High Fitness, and Rolling classes!
Let your friends know! Here's the link you can share:

New Year's Goals
The thing I love most about CrossFit and fitness in general is that the journey never really ends. We are all at different parts of our fitness journeys and even though our goals may change year to year, I believe that we at Point Fitness can help you progress.
Progress should be at the forefront of our goal setting. It doesn't matter how quickly we are progressing, as long as we are making strides towards a healthier and fitter human being.
Did you achieve your 2020 goals? No? That's ok... Did you get closer to your goal through 2020? That's the key! Did you take a step back this year? That's ok too! Just dust yourself off and start again. There's no point on dwelling on past failings. Use those failures to fuel your future. Prove to yourself that you can do it. You can make progress. You are on nobody else's timeline but your own. Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on what you can control and allow us to be a part of that journey.

I am so grateful for all of you and I can't wait to see what you all can accomplish this upcoming year.

Coach Dan

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