Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.29.2019

November 6, 2020

My final spotlight of 2019!

Good morning Point Fitness/CFTP,

Only a few more days left in 2019. Yesterday Emily and I sat down together and worked on a few personal goals for the upcoming year. Why is this important?

Goal Setting
Some people see goals as demoralizing because year after year we set goals and year after year we fail to meet those goals. I believe the act of setting goals is very important.
The fact that you sit down and set goals each year shows that you are recognizing things that need to improve in your life and that you are willing to make changes to progress. Life is a journey and I believe that we all need to continually challenge ourselves in order to improve.
All of you who come to The Point are ambitious. You are always striving to improve. If you weren't, you wouldn't be working as hard as you do. Your hard work pays off but having goals will help you progress in the right direction.
Set macro goals and then set micro goals to achieve those macro goals. For example, the goal "I want to lose 30 pounds." or "I want to drop my body fat percentage down 5 percent" or "I want to be more flexible and injury free." would be considered a macro goal. Then after you have that goal set, now you set micro goals to achieve said goal. For example, "I will go to The Point 3 times a week." or "I will start attending the Thursday night Yoga class and Saturday morning rolling class to help my body recover."
By setting these micro goals, they are easier to track and by consistently hitting those three days a week at the gym or those extra maintenance classes will then help you achieve the macro goals you set.
Goal setting is important. Writing down the goals is important as well. Write them down somewhere and post them where you see them every day. You can also email me the goals so you have accountability for said goals.
Helen Gardner has been a great example of this. Every week I get a message from Helen that states the number of times she attended, the weight loss achieved that week and how her body is feeling. I love it! I think it is so important. I look forward to those messages every week and would love for you all to do the same. By getting these messages I am able to better serve you and help you achieve your goals. So feel free to email, facebook message, or text me every week! I welcome it.

Dexabody Scan
We are starting the year off with a Dexabody Scan. For those who don't know what this is, here's an explanation. The Dexabody takes about 10 minutes. It scans your whole body and spits out statistics such as, body fat percentage, where your muscle resides and where your problem areas are, bone density, Resting Metabolic Rate, and a whole bunch of really interesting statistics. It also stores your data so when they come back each quarter you can compare scan to scan.
Another thing we do at The Point is we do an in-house competition. Girls vs. Girls and Guys vs. Guys. We have a buy-in of $40 and all that money gets put into a pot. At the end of the quarter, I collect the statistics and the girl(s) and the guy(s) with the highest percentage of fat loss take the pot! These pots range anywhere from $120 to $500 depending on how many people sign up. Money is always a great incentive. :)
So, if you want to sign up for 2020 Quarter 1 Dexabody scan, go here:

Point Fitness/CFTP Winter Apparel
The Pre-order of apparel is still available through January 1st. Get on the PushPress App and order it today so you don't miss out. We have zip hoodies, pullover hoodies, joggers and kid's hoodies. We researched these and have chosen some high quality clothing here. Don't be that guy/girl who sees them come mid-January and regrets not ordering some. :)

$1 Group Fitness Deal
Some of you may or may not have seen the deal going around for New Years. We are calling it our Jump Start to 2020 deal. Only new members are eligible for it but it's a perfect opportunity to get your friends into Point Fitness.
The deal is for all of our Group Fitness classes; Bootcamp, High Fitness, Pop Pilates, Yoga and Myofascial Rolling. The deal will be good for the full month of January.
To incentivize you all to share this deal, I am doing a referral contest. The person who refers the most people will get a month free of your current membership!
If we get more than 30 people signed up on this $1 deal I will up the referral prizes and will include a pair of free shoes to the first place winner with the free membership and I will give away another pair to the second place winner!
This deal is for new members only. If you are currently on a Groupon deal or have used one of our deals previously, please don't sign up on this deal.
Here's the link for the deal:
Spread the word, win some prizes!

Thank you all for being part of The Point. Spread the word about our new classes and of course our CrossFit classes. Your friends and family are going to be setting goals just like they do every year, help them achieve their fitness goals this year by trying something new.

Coach Dan

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