Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.30.2018

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP,I love this time of year! I've always been big on setting goals and working towards those goals. Each year, my goals change but one thing always remains the same; I accomplish more goals when they are written down and when they are shared with someone. Having someone know what my goals are helps me stay accountable. Even better, having another individual with the same goal or similar goals and by working together you are much more likely to accomplish your goal.I want to share an example of one of our members... Hopefully he doesn't mind. Mike Hibbert joined our gym during our July promotion. After the 3 months he decided he wasn't going to be able to continue. (This was due to buying a new house and moving and just life). But after Mike got settled again he was back at it but this time he came equipped with a buddy! What a huge difference it has made for Mike. His consistency is up and him and his buddy are killing it! They are keeping themselves accountable. Having a buddy and sharing your goals with your buddy and working with your buddy to accomplish those goals will do wonders in achieving the goals you set out for yourself.With this in mind we decided to try and help you bring your buddies to CrossFit so they can not only motivate you to be more consistent but you can be that influence in their lives to make a change. January is a month of motivation and we should help those friends and family of ours who are looking for a change. We need to introduce them to something that we ourselves have seen work in our own lives and have fallen in love with.The ChallengeAll referrals who come in and join The Point in January will receive $50 off their first month! Not only that, each person you refer gives you money off your February dues! It'll break down like this:First Referral = $25 off your next monthSecond Referral = $75 off your next month (Total)Third Referral = February Dues = $0!!!So by referring 3 people with this killer deal, you will receive a free month of CrossFit! If you end up getting more than three... Then the discounts carry over into March... and so on!On top of this... The top referral getter (with a minimum of 3 referrals) will receive your choice of CrossFit shoes! Any shoes you want! You pick them out and we buy them for you!We really hope that this will fuel your fire and help you achieve your 2019 goals. We all need a helping hand from time to time. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and can't seem to work our way out of it. The past couple of months I have felt myself fall into this trap. The trap of complacency and excuses of why I couldn't workout each and every day. It happens to us all. Friday, as I was doing the Hero WOD "Chad" I felt like it summed up my past couple of months. I got about 300 steps into it and I was there all alone doing it by myself... I felt myself waiver and wondered if I was going to make it through. Then all of the sudden Johnny came into the gym with his backpack in hand. He loaded up his 45 pounds and pulled up a box next to me and started stepping. I got my second wind! Having my buddy there doing the work along side me motivated me to keep pushing through.Let's be that buddy to our friends. CrossFit works and CrossFit The Point will help our friends accomplish their 2019 physical fitness goals. And I believe that it will not only help them physically but will help them accomplish their professional and family goals as well.Share your passion and share your results!Coach Dan

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