Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.31.2017

November 6, 2020

Happy Last Day of 2017!I love this time of year. It's a time of year that I get very introspective and really look at what I am doing and what I can do better. Today, I was taking inventory of my life and also of my strengths and weaknesses and tried really hard to figure out some things that I personally could do in order to improve myself in the upcoming year.I want you all to stop reading right now and I want you to really think about a weakness of yours that you feel you need to improve. Really think about it. This is just about you and only for you. This is the time to be vulnerable to yourself.ThinkThinkThinkNow that you have that weakness figured out, write it down.I heard an analogy recently that I really loved. I'm not sure about the science behind these assumptions but they make a great point. So, when you leave water out and it is sitting with no movement it will begin to create bacteria. Just 15 minutes of stagnant water, bacteria will form. But if you add even a little bit of motion to the water, like a stream, then bacteria cannot form and the water stays clean of contaminates.I'd like to compare that to our lives. If we stay still for even a moment and we allow ourselves to be satisfied with the flaws we have then that creates a breeding ground for failure. If we aren't constantly trying to improve then we are preventing ourselves from true growth. This goes for our fitness but also goes for improvement as a parent, as a worker in our various fields, as a student, as an athlete, as a leader, as a follower and everything else in our lives. There are so many aspects in our lives that we need to improve upon and we have the opportunity to make those improvements but we first have to create that momentum. We first have to get that water moving. If we sit still then that leaves us open to digression.I want all of you to get vulnerable and really think about what you would like to improve in this upcoming year. You can keep these to yourself or if you would like to add another layer of accountability, then you can email me at and I have an empty whiteboard at my house that I will write your goals on and I will be your accountability partner. Obviously, your personal life goals can be included but you probably feel most comfortable sharing your physical aspirations.When setting these goals I want you to include a few key elements.*Create a goal that is attainable.*Just saying, I want to be skinnier or fitter doesn't do you any good because you will never reach it. Instead say, I want to go from this percentage of body fat to this lower percentage by July 2018... Or something along those lines.*Don't create a goal without a game plan.*After you set your goal, write down exactly how you plan to accomplish that goal. Be as precise as you feel you need to be but create a plan of attack.*Share your goal.*I don't care if you share your goal with me or your significant other or your dog but share your goal with someone. Saying it out loud or writing it down in an email creates commitment but it also creates an accountability partner to help you succeed. Remember, I am ready to be that accountability partner.*Be honest with yourself and don't give up.*Many people I speak to dislike new year's resolution goals because they already know that in 2-3 weeks they are just going to fail and then feel bad about failing. I agree that New Year's isn't the only time we should be setting goals. I think it should be something that we are constantly doing week in and week out but New Year's is a great time to set the more broad goals and then set the little ones to accomplish the big one.*Don't be afraid of failure*YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL. It's a fact of life. We all fail. Don't be afraid of that failure. See that failure as an opportunity to start over. So what if you haven't been at the box in a couple of weeks or a month or you only came 10 times all of 2017... If you only came 10 times then maybe your goal is to go 11 times in 2018. Maybe once you hit 11 times in the first month your goal changes to 11 times a month! Don't beat yourself up. Pick yourself up and move forward.I am really excited for 2018. I am excited to see everyone's improvements. I am excited to see you reach your goals. Set them now and accomplish them, then set more and accomplish those.I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and that you all join us tomorrow for our annual New Year's Day Murph! Class times are 6:30, 8, and 9:30 AM.I want to leave you with this video... BE THE EAGLE YOU WERE BORN TO BE! GET OUT OF THAT COMFORT ZONE.

Coach Dan

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