Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.6.2015

November 6, 2020

Some of our volunteers. There were more than double this who helped out throughout this weekend.

300+ hours... I did the math!That's how many volunteer hours we received this past week in preparation and in carrying out 'Twas The WOD Before Christmas. I have no words that can express how grateful I am and how lucky I am to be associated with all of you.Everyone who came to yesterday's event was nothing but complimentary. With words thrown around like "Best event ever!" "This event was seamless and smooth" "The volunteers and judges were spot on and engaged." "The gym looked huge!" "The gym looked amazing!" and so on. Seriously don't know what to say except to express my deepest gratitude. There is no way we could have pulled off this event without all of you.In addition to the amazing volunteers we had our amazing CFTP athletes throwing down. This event drew in some freakishly strong competitors. I was in awe with the level of athletes that came. All of you held your own and did an amazing job representing The Point. Thank you for being such great representatives of The Point. We are definitely going to have to do more events in the future.Now that this event is over it's time to get back to work. It's been a few weeks since I have addressed you all in one of these spotlights. I have a whole lot to say but I am going to stick to one subject today.Last weekend I was able to attend my CrossFit Level 2. While there I learned a lot about being a coach and about how to best serve all of you as athletes. Many of the things I learned I will be passing along to our already stellar training team. One thing I'd like to mention here is being coachable. No matter if you have been doing CrossFit for a month or 5 years we all have things that we need to work on. We all have things that we can improve. Our goal as a coaching team is to help you move better on every movement that we do. So when myself or one of my trainers give you cue to do something it is because we see a way to help you move faster, more efficiently, and to help you lift more weight. I'm never going to stop watching your form and watching your movements.I will never be satisfied with the way you move until you are moving perfectly all the time and in every movement. Please try to learn from my cues and the cues of our trainers. Be open minded. While I was at level 2 I had other trainers there giving me, as an athlete, cues and I learned how I move as an athlete and how I can be a better athlete. The only way we get better is by taking in everything that we are taught and constantly pushing ourselves to improve. Be happy with your improvement with an eye to your next goal. Don't let yourself get stagnant. Sign up for events that help push you to your next PR or your next goal.We all have hidden potential and it is up to us to realize that potential. This past weekend competitors pushed themselves well past what they thought was possible. I know all of you do that day in and day out. Stay with us and work hard and I know we will help you reach your goals.I seriously love you all! Thank you for being such amazing members and friends. See you all tomorrow!Coach Dan

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