Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.6.2020

Dan Adamson
December 6, 2020

Good afternoon Point peeps!


First off I want to once again thank all of you for the successful 'Twas The WOD Before Christmas competition we ran the last two days. You all did an amazing job making all of the visiting athletes feel welcome and safe.
Also, huge shoutout to the athletes who competed from CrossFit The Point. You all represented us so well and I really appreciate you being such great ambassadors to our box. It was so much fun seeing you all enjoying yourselves and putting your hard work on display.

Ute CrossFit East Draper Refugees
So... I have some news that many of you may have already heard. Our neighboring gym, Ute CrossFit East Draper has had to close down and the members there are beginning to look for a new home.
I have been in contact with the owners and many of these athletes are coming to our gym this week to give us a try. I wanted to give you all a heads up about a sudden influx of athletes coming in and trying us out. I also want you to try and put yourself into their shoes.

Imagine if all of the sudden CrossFit The Point had to shut our doors. Some of you have had The Point as part of your lives for almost a decade and even those of you who have only been here a few months, CFTP is your home. Nobody likes change and to be forced to look for a new place to call home is difficult. So imagine how these athletes will be feeling and try to help ease the transition.

Luckily, I know you all are always so welcoming and I hope that all of these UCFED (I guess that would be their abbreviation) members feel welcomed when they come in. A couple of concerns I have, really only one, is a pretty solid group of them are looking to try out the 5:30 AM class and as of last week, it has become the busiest class of the day... Which is awesome. I am happy to see so many of you coming in consistently again. But for this week, if possible and only if possible, if some regular 5:30 peeps can maybe push to the 6:30 class then that would be awesome just so we aren't having 30 people in the 5:30 class. Like I said, only if possible. If 5:30 class is the only class you can make it to, then by all means please come to that class and we will roll with the punches!
I gave them a week trial to give us a try because it'll be a tough decision for them to make. I am sure they will try a few boxes out before deciding. I want to be clear, I am not saying take the week off because new people may be coming into the 5:30 class and maybe I am worrying about nothing but with Covid and spacing concerns and all of that I just wanted to mention this. I will also send an email to all the new athletes who are coming to try us out.

It's not just the 5:30 class where their peeps will be coming in. I expect to see these refugees spread throughout the day so keep that in mind and when you see a new face, introduce yourself and help them get their bearings. Hopefully some of these CrossFit East Draper folks can find a new home at CrossFit The Point.

As always, thank you for representing the way that you do. The reason their owner is referring them to us is because of the reputation we have as a gym with a solid training team and an awesome community. We have that reputation due to the way you treat others and I am grateful for that. So thank you and let's show these new friends what Point Fitness is all about!

Coach Dan

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