Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.10.2019

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP!Isn't it so cool how a little competition can be so fun and at the same time make us fitter! I have loved the enthusiasm this past week as we challenged you all to put up extra Calories on the rower! So fun to see the extra work everyone is putting in and really cool to see how close the numbers are! Today's spotlight is going to build on the importance of competing and also talk about the open coming up in two weeks!I want to first address the goings on with the CrossFit Open.What is the CrossFit Open?So... The CrossFit Open has become an amazing platform for everyone around the world to test their fitness. At CrossFit The Point, we always have a huge crew participate and for 5 weeks we do 1 workout a week that is programmed by CrossFit Games Headquarters. These 5 workouts are completed and then submitted on the Games website and then they are sorted to show you your position in the world, the region, the state etc. It's one of my favorite times of the year and everyone who participates never regrets signing up.THIS YEAR THE OPEN BEGINS ON 21 FEBRUARY!What has changed?So... There have been a lot of changes to this year's CrossFit Open. Starting this year, there will be no more regionals for individuals or for teams. Part of the draw to signing up with the online platform for the Games site is that we were able to see how our CrossFit The Point team stood against the other CrossFit boxes in the region and every year we were inching closer and closer to a spot in the Southwest Regionals. It was really fun to see how we compared and I know we were within a year or two of sending a team to the regional level but with this change, that dream has gone by the wayside.Now, the only people who will make the next level through the open are the top male and female from each country... I have a feeling that we're going to have a hard time competing against the Matt Frasers and Katrin Davidsdottirs of the world...This was a disappointing turn of events, in my opinion, so we have come up with a solution that we believe will actually be even more fun than year's past.The CrossFit The Point Intramural OpenI want to introduce the Intramural Open! I am so excited about this idea and really excited to put it into action this year.What is it?Rather than having everyone sign up with CrossFit Games Headquarters and pay them $20, we will have you sign up through us. We will collect the $20 from each sign up and with this we will create an in house intramural competition. With this competition, we will create 4 teams and place each sign up on a team with our trainers being team captains. Scoring will be a little different as well. While you will get extra points for having top finishers each week, you will also be able to contribute to your team points by simply participating. You'll get bonus points for the team that has the most members show up to Friday Night Lights or it may become Saturday Morning... Depending on the vote we will have. We will have bonus points for team spirit and for social media posts.You'll still be able to see how you compare to the rest of your peeps in the gym individually and at the same time contribute to your team score.On Friday nights or Saturday mornings... Each week we will have a team in charge of bringing snacks and food items and on week 5 the gym will provide for a BBQ or Breakfast bash!How to participate?It's really easy. I'll be putting up a post on Facebook or if you aren't on Facebook, then you can just respond to the Spotlight email or email me at and let me know you are in. I will write your name down and then this coming Sunday, the 17th, I'll charge all participants the $20 and then start divvying up the teams.What do you get for signing up?Besides an amazing opportunity to hang out with friends and contribute to a team goal... Everyone will receive a CFTP Open shirt! The color of the shirt will go with the color of your team. You will be on Black Team, Green Team, Red Team, or Blue Team.Additional money collected from the $20 entry fees will go into buying new gym equipment and updating current equipment. The more we have sign up, the more we will be able to do to improve the gym! This is the part I am most excited about. Instead of giving our money to CrossFit Headquarters and getting nothing in return, we can take that money and improve our box!Who should do this?EVERYONE! The awesome thing about these Open workouts is that they provide a version that everyone can complete. No matter what level you are at, you can participate. You can contribute to your team. Whether you do the workout scaled or Rx, you still have the same power to add points to your team.Everyone who participates will improve not only their physical wellbeing but will also grow in their mental fortitude.How will teams be distributed?I will be putting teams together. I am going to do my best to put the teams together with people who usually work out together. I'll do my best to make the teams as even as possible. If you have specific requests, i.e "I want to be with my husband/wife" or "I don't want to be with my husband/wife!" LOL. Then shoot me an email and I will do my best to accommodate.What if I still want to sign up for The Open with CrossFit?I do not want to discourage you from signing up at if you want to. You are more than welcome to do this and I will be certified as a judge to judge you if you decide to sign up. If you do sign up with CrossFit Headquarters, I still would love for you to sign up with our in house Intramural as well.If you only sign up for the open through CrossFit then you will not be eligible for the team shirts.One thing that didn't change is the Master's qualifying. They are still doing the same thing as year's past and using The Open to determine which master's athletes will go to The Games. We have some very strong Master's athletes among us and I definitely recommend to them to sign up on the main site to see how you can compare to the world and get a chance to make the Master's Online Regional. We have had a few accomplish this in the past and I am sure we will have more this year.Closing remarksI love the Open Season! I have loved it ever since I started 8 years ago. I remember our first few years of being open when the Utah CrossFit Community and our own gym was small enough where we would host The Open at different gyms each Friday night. The memories created there will be remembered forever.It is an amazing opportunity to compete with friends and CrossFit always comes up with very challenging workouts. I love watching the Open Announcements on Thursday nights to find out what we have in store. I love being able to get with a big group of CrossFit The Point peeps and competing together on Friday nights.While I am a bit disappointed in the changes being made to The Games and The Open, I am super excited for this new format of the Intramural Open. I think it's going to be so fun and I can't wait to watch as you all contribute to your teams and work together.Coach Dan

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