Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.15.2015

November 6, 2020

Good evening CFTP,As many of you know we have posted the first part of the Final Lockdown WOD. If you have not seen the video you can go here to see it. for the Lockdown Standings Update. There are still a couple of teams yet to get their WOD done and they plan to get that done tomorrow so things could change after that but as of now this is where you all stand.

Scaled Females
Rx Females
Scaled Males
Rx Males

This is the final week! For this being the first in house competition we feel it has gone quite good. We definitely learned a lot and will make improvements on future lockdown events. Now that this is winding down it's time to take those competitive juices to the next level. THE CROSSFIT OPEN!!!What is the CrossFit Open?I've had many of you ask what the CrossFit open is all about. The CrossFit open is the road to the CrossFit Games. Almost all of you have seen the CrossFit Games on ESPN at one time or another. In order to get to the Games you must pass through The Open and then pass through Regionals (This year Super Regionals). CrossFit is the only sport where you get to complete the same workouts as the top dogs in the whole world. You get to compare yourself to not only the best but also your buddy down the street who may go to another box or your fellow box mates at The Point.Who should do The Open?In my opinion, EVERYONE. This year there is no excuse for any of us. For the first time ever The Open will have a scaled division. Each week when the WODs are announced you can choose to do scaled or Rx. You are not stuck in one category.Why should you do The Open?Every competition you compete in you learn something about yourself. You grow. The Open is no different. You will do things you never thought you could do. It will challenge you and make you push past those mental barriers that have been holding you back. Do you feel like you have hit a wall? This is a way to break through that wall!Also, every year The Open will be here. Every year you can compare yourself against your past self and see your improvement. It is a measuring stick from where you were to where you are and to where you want to be.Finally, the WODs will be programmed into our Workout of The Day every week anyhow. Let's use this online scoring system to keep track of our progress.Finally, this year CFTP will be giving every member who completes all 5 WODs and enters them online a CrossFit The Point Open Shirt. To earn this shirt you must sign up online before the deadline. You must then complete all five WODs which are announced weekly on Thursday at 6 PM and they give you until Monday at 6 PM to submit your score.When?February 26th will be the first WOD announcement. Whatever the WOD is CFTP will have it programmed as the Workout Of The Day on Friday. So you will be completing the WOD anyways... Why not see how you stack up with the world? The Point will also be hosting weekly throw downs for those who would like to do it as a group on each Friday at 7 PM. Anyone is welcome to join us at these throw downs. We have done them the past two years and they are a blast!Click this link and join our team! really hope you all have enjoyed The Lockdown. It has been fun watching everyone compete. I have seen you all do things you would have never tried and succeeded. It is amazing to see. I hope you take the opportunity to test yourself once again with The Open.Coach Dan

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