Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.17.1019

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP!We have over 60 committed to our Intramural Open so far! If you haven't let me know that you are participating, please email me, message me, ping me on Facebook or any other way, contact me! I need to know who we have so I can start compiling the teams! Refer back to my last week Spotlight for details on the event!One more thing we are adding to our intramural open is a game of Bingo! With this, you will be able to complete your bingos and add points to your team! The bingo cards will look like this:

You already get one square for just signing up and 5 others for completing the weekly programmed workouts! Once I get the teams put together, I'll put out the full rules on how you can accumulate points for your team. You will be placed into one of four teams and you will have a couple of trainers as your team leaders.I look at it like this. We will be doing these workouts as a gym every week anyways. By signing up and joining a team you do a few things:1) You get a shirt!2) You gain extra motivation to be consistent and to push yourself. (Something we all need)3) You create an opportunity where you can contribute to a team.4) With the bingo card, you create more opportunities to grow and push yourself.5) You're going to love it!I really love this time of year. Thursday nights become like Christmas as we sit and watch the Open announcements from Dave Castro. You get to guess throughout the week to try and figure out what he is going to come out with and then you get to find out on Thursday night how wrong you were with your guesses. After you get the workout announcements, you get to strategize with your friends and this year with your intramural teams to figure out the best way to approach each WOD. You get 4 days to post your best score possible and then watch the leaderboard as scores get put in.It really is fun and I am excited to compete with all of you. Once again, please let me know if you are in by the end of today so I can have time to get the teams together and get everything ready before the big day on Thursday!Coach Dan

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