Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.19.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Evening CFTP!

This past 8 weeks of Open prep has been a doozy! The volume output you all have put in has been tremendous. I can truly say that we are more prepared for The Open this year than any other year before. It has been so cool to see you all progress and see your lung capacity grow. We have one more test that I am going to have to do post open but from the two tests we have done... I am very impressed with the results.

Thanks for sticking with the program. I know the WODs seemed intimidating at times. I know that many of you had the thought of, "I think Dan's lost his mind!" but you still came in and put in the work and I hope it pays off big time in The Open. During The Open you'll notice a shift in programming but we are going to continue working on your weaknesses and doing our best to prepare you for the unknown 5 weeks ahead of us.

THE OPEN: You sick of me talking about it yet? Why do I talk it up so much? Do I get some kind of financial gain from it? No. Do I get a kudos from CrossFit if I get a certain amount of members signed up? No.

The reason I talk it up so much is because The Open is kind of magical. We have never had a regional athlete... YET! But yet, it is still magical. Why? Because of all of you. Watching all of you break down roadblocks in your heads is magical. Watching all of you do more of a certain movement than you ever have is magical. Seeing you cheer on your CFTP family is magical. Friday night lights is magical.

What is Friday night lights? Every Friday during The Open we will be getting together to do the WODs at 7 PM. We will get into heats and we will each have our own judge and we will complete the workout Dave Castro announces. The first and final week's of The Open we will have the great Steve Arnoldus on hand to take professional pictures of you.

We have 70 athletes signed up so far! That's awesome. I still don't see a lot of your names that I know are planning on doing it... I am ordering the shirts on Wednesday so you only have through Tuesday to sign up if you want a free shirt. There will be no exceptions. Only people who sign up before Wednesday will get a shirt. Also, please, please, please put your shirt size down on the sheet on my desk.

I am excited to get you all familiar with the dumbbells and to add even more variety to our workouts.

Coach Dan

Today's Athlete Spotlight is Alicia Deibert!

I thought I would throw it back a bit! WODsomniac 2014

1. How long have you been at The Point?-I started crossfit 6 weeks after my second baby, so almost 4 years.

2. What do you do for a living?-I am a stay at home mom, to three kids ages 6, almost 4, and 1.

3. Prior to finding CrossFit what did you do for physical exercise?-Before crossfit I went running every once in a while, but didn't really work out. I mostly just tried to diet.

4. If you had to pick your favorite accomplishment during your CrossFit journey so far, what would it be?-my favorite accomplishment during my cf journey was working out my entire 3rd pregnancy. Crossfit seemed dangerous for a pregnant women to the outside world, but I really think it was the best thing for me. The extra back muscle I had gained help get rid of so many aches and pains I had with my other pregnancies. It gave me more energy and sense of accomplishment. Thanks to that extra human growth hormone I PR'd every movement while being pregnant.

5. What is one piece of advice you could give new CrossFitters that you wish you knew before you began?-starting crossfit is scary, I remember looking at the WOD the night before and googling all the weird names for movements so I wouldn't look dumb, once i was in on all the lingo I was addicted and couldn't stay away.

6. What is your favorite movement in CrossFit?-my favorite movement is all things squats! Pistols, squat cleans, squat snatches. All those things


7. What is your favorite all time WOD you have done?-favorite WOD, one we made up.....half marathon Row, it takes about 2 hours and it's super fun with friends, snacks, and a movie. And you burn so many calories your cleared to eat anything the rest of the day.

8. What are your goals for the upcoming year?-this year I really want to work on my gymnastic movements, they are my weakness. I would love to master butterfly pull-ups and get some ring muscle-ups.

9. Before starting CrossFit what was your view of CrossFit? How has that changed since joining?-my husband caleb started crossfit a few months before me, he would drive 30 minutes to the gym and it was annoying because I didn't understand why he couldn't go to a closer crossfit gym. He would always tell me about all the workouts and be obsessed and I tried to listen but it just wasn't exciting to me, once I started, I did the same thing. Haha I also became obsessed, and I still am! I LOVE CROSSFIT! And I LOVE our gym. It's absolutely a second family to me! I have made so many amazing friends. Some days when I'm sore and tired, the only reason I still go to the gym is to see my friends. I love crossfit for so many reasons. It has changed my perspective, I used to only care about being skinny, now I care about being strong and healthy. I never knew how much I would love getting strong and having muscles. And now my kids also love crossfit and I'm so happy to be teaching them at such a young age to love their bodies and what amazing things they can do if they work hard and practice. Thanks to Dan and Dave and all the coaches for making our gym what it is! And all the great athletes that push me and help me everyday! I love you all so much! CFTP for life!!!

Coach Leslie: "Alicia is so fun to coach! She's great at taking cues, fixing form and so positive! She's one of our crazy strong mom's that workouts through their entire pregnancy and gets back to the gym as fast as possible, definitely dedicated! She's been injured off and on for the last little bit but she's still coming in everyday and finding a way to scale so she can get a wod in. And she's the queen of pistols, someday I'll do my pistols as fast as her! Love you, Leesh!"

Coach JoAnn: "When I joined CrossFit The Point I met Alicia and I couldn't understand how she could "squat like that!"

:) She has great form, and is so strong. She is always working at something. Linking T2B and Olympic lifts are two that I've really noticed. And because she works progress is there. She hasn't let anything slow her down. When she had to stay off her knee she would come and row, and still cheer on everyone. She is a great mom and wife, and a great friend to everyone. Happy she is at The Point!"

Coach Mandy: "I have never had the pleasure to coach Alicia. However I have worked a little bit with her kids in kids CrossFit and I absolutely love her children! They are always so happy and willing to do the workouts! Alicia is one of those people who you can tell are beautiful from the inside out! She is always smiling and has a natural glow about her! I love her dedication and the determination I see in her because she shows up and makes sure her kids show up as well!"

Coach Amber: "Alicia... she's good people! I don't think I coached her, however I've been inspired by her extra things she does, rowing for hours!! She's always got a smile, she works hard, always kind... I know of no other than coach Mandy and Alicia that can look like a vogue model after destroying a beast mode workout! Keep up the good work lady! Glad your a part of our team!!"

Coach LaDee: "licia has been awesome at filling in and coaching the kids. Her love for crossfit and the kids is reflective of her dedication to be there day in and day out! Pretty amazing lady and glad she's party of our team!"

Coach Dan: I get the privilege to coach Alicia the most and love it! Watching her hit the heavy squat cleans and squat snatches is a thing of beauty. She really is a treat to coach. She is always there and is always pushing herself but not only that... She is always cheering on everyone around her. She asks me from time to time if she and a bunch of peeps can come in and get their row on and rows forever!... She is self-motivated and is always encouraging others around her to be their best selves. Love having you at The Point Alicia!

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