Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.2.2020

November 6, 2020

Happy 02022020!

Utah Fitness League

The Point Goats are the champions of season 1! Congratulations and way to represent us!
They are starting season 2 sign ups tomorrow! Season 1 sold out very quickly so if there are enough interested in season 2, please contact me asap and we can get a team together!

Point Fitness Referral Winner
Congratulations to Candas Lake! Thank you for inviting your friends and family to Point Fitness and to try out our new side and new offerings in January!
Your February dues are comped! Thank you all for spreading the word! We still need continual help to build up our gym. Keep spreading the word and keep your eyes out for our next promotion that can benefit you by spreading the word.

Winter Apparel

You winter apparel has arrived! They turned out great! Can't wait to get them to you. I will have them on the desk tomorrow for pickup. This was pre-order only. If you missed out on this order, we will be doing another one in the spring with the same choices plus extras! So keep your eye out for the next order opportunity.

2020 CFTP Lockdown


Every year we do an in-house CrossFit competition called the lockdown. It is 4 weeks long and is done in your regular classes! This year we will be announcing the WOD on Wednesday night but won't be programming it as the regular workout until Mondays. So we want everyone to complete the workout on Monday but if that doesn't work for you and your partner, you may use the Thursday through Sunday to complete the workout. All attempts must be complete by end of day Monday.
It is a partner competition with Male/Male or Female/Female being your choice of category. You will choose to be in one of three tiers. I'll explain the tiers below. You and your partner will need to complete the workout before end of day Monday. YOU MAY ONLY ATTEMPT THE WORKOUT ONCE. ONE AND DONE. Ideally we want everyone to do it on Monday but if you and your partner can't meet up Monday then you have the Thursday through Sunday beforehand to get it done.
This competition will cost $30 per partnership so just $15 per individual to cover the cost of your shirts and cost of adding the names of the podium winners to the Lockdown trophy!

In most CrossFit competitions you will see an Rx and a scaled division. We acknowledge the fact that many people are teetering between divisions so to help with this, we created another division.

Tier 1
This is a division for the newer CrossFit athlete or for the athletes who are still working on Rx gymnastic movements and weights. If you find yourself scaling most of the workouts at the gym, this is the division that will fit you best and give you the best experience.

Tier 2
This division is for those who Rx a lot of the workouts but still have to modify from time to time when a very heavy weight is programmed or a higher difficulty gymnastic movement is programmed.

Tier 3
This division is for those who can complete all the prescribed movements and are comfortable with the heavier weight days.

If you have a question on which division you should be in, please ask me. I know where you should be and where you will enjoy and be challenged the most.

The goal of this Lockdown is to provide a space that you can "compete" within your busy schedules. A chance to compete without having to take a weekend off. A chance to find a buddy to workout with and push each other.

I am excited to do this with you all. Even as your coach I need this kind of motivation to help me set my goals and to continue to challenge myself and overcome weaknesses. I look forward to the Lockdown every year.

How do you sign up?
This year we are able to use our app! Just like the open, you will log onto your account in the PushPress app and go to pre-orders. There you will find a t-shirt option. Men will be getting T-shirts while women will be getting something... Just choose your shirt size and you are in. Once you are signed up, I'll contact you to get your team name.

I'll be putting up the shirt option soon. I'll let you know when it is up. In the meantime, text your buddy and get your team name together. Sign-ups will need to be done before the first WOD announcement Wednesday night, February 12th.

Thank you so much for keeping the gym fun and a great place to be!

Coach Dan

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