Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.24.2019

November 6, 2020

Happy Open 2019 Week 1!With all of the changes made to the Games season and qualification process... I was a bit worried about how The Open would go this year. Then we decided, let's do an Intramural Open with the gym and BAM! IT HAS BEEN AWESOME!What a great first week. Friday was awesome! From the morning all the way to Friday Night Lights, I watched our athletes cheer each other on and push hard as they went from wall ball to row over and over and over again. I loved watching the camaraderie and I want to thank you all for rolling with the punches with us. One thing that CrossFit has taught me over the years is the ability to adapt to the situation and not let other people's decisions affect the way I approach something and you all seemed to have learned that as well.I was listening to a podcast, as I often do now that I am running more, and this podcast was interviewing a very successful business man with multiple companies with over 1,500 employees and he was talking about happiness. He said lots of things about being happy but the one I want to point out was this. He said, without fail, when you have as many employees as he has that there is going to be some employee that is going to make a bonehead move that will cause problems. If he allowed the actions of that employee to affect him, he would never be happy. It's important for us to make the best of any situation and not allow somebody else's actions affect how we might approach something or how we might feel about something.The CrossFit games landscape has changed but nothing has changed for me as an athlete and a box owner. The reason I love the CrossFit Open is because of all of you. I love watching you all give 100%. I love seeing you all come together and cheer each other on. I love seeing the huge group of athletes and family show up to Friday Night Lights to cheer, judge and compete. THAT is what makes this season great.

Friday Night Lights

We started Friday Night Lights off with the team leaders going head to head to head on 19.1! It was so fun to have all the team members cheering us on as we started the night off. Thank you all for getting there on time and cheering us on! We then went on and cheered and judged heat after heat until all 50+ competitors that showed up to Friday night lights finished 19.1. It was amazing.Huge shoutout to #teamblue for providing some nice treats for us competitors! We even had some homemade smoothies made by Reagan Nickl! Those were the bomb. Not to mention Grace's CSE balls and Marianne's donuts! It was a perfect combination of body recovery and comfort foods that was definitely needed after a bunch of wall balls and rowing. #TEAMBLACK YOU ARE UP NEXT FRIDAY!Congratulations to #teamred for having the most team members at FNL this past Friday! You all had 20 of your 26 competitors show up! WOW! #teamgreen was close with 14, #teamblue with 9 and #teamblack with 5... Remember that friends and family are more than welcome to come and hang out and cheer as well. It was fun seeing some of your spouses and friends.We have 106 competitors signed up with our Intramural this year! That is so awesome and I am so excited for the next 4 weeks. Make sure you get me your scoresheet by end of day Monday. I will post the team results as soon as I get everything updated. I will also give you a link to see your personal standings within the gym for those interested in that. Also, don't forget to get your bingo cards and start marking off those squares! I have a feeling it's going to come down to the team with the most bingos!I want to finish the spotlight off with a spiritual thought from Coach LaDee:"A much needed reminder after quite a challenging week. This world is hard, the challenges are unending but I'm reminded today that God's love is relentless. He carries us when the world gives way. He covers us with His endless grace. We are not alone!I also have talked with several this week, some very scared about all the recent earthquakes, and I'm reminded that..."We will not be moved, when the earth gives way, for the risen One has overcome!" Happy Sunday, my sweet friends!"Thank you Coach for those words of comfort and wisdom. Love you all and I look forward to this upcoming Open week!Coach Dan

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