Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.25.2018

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,First off a word of the day lesson... Bench: a long seat for several people, typically made of wood or stone.

A seat for several people... Not a seat for your bags. Please place your bags underneath the benches so people can sit down. :)I freaking loved Friday night. I love the open season! Thanks to all of you who brought your "A" game and pushed and performed to the best of your abilities. As I was watching you all Friday night and all day Friday one word kept coming to my mind; PROGRESS.Have you ever ran across someone who you haven't seen in a while, like a year or two or ten, and when you see them, you hardly recognize them? It may be because when you saw them last they had hair and now they don't or they were super obese and now they're skinny or they were super skinny and now they are super heavy or whatever else. They have changed and you see that change in them as clear as day but that change didn't happen overnight.I believe many of us fall into a little self-inflicted trap. It is human nature to expect change now. You see memes posted that say something to the affect "I ate healthy all day today, why aren't I skinny yet?"When we see ourselves everyday we have a hard time seeing the changes that are happening. It happens so gradually that we feel like they aren't happening at all and we give up. Believe me, changes are happening. Progression is happening. I would give anything in the world to go back and put a video of me doing a workout 6 years ago and a video of me doing that same workout today just to see how differently I move and just how much I have improved. That's why I love being able to track progress through scores...I have the benefit as your coach to see your progress even if you don't see it. There is something in my brain that takes me back to the first day you walked into the gym and I remember how you moved. I remember what you looked like 5 minutes into your first workout. I remember how you struggled on your first pullup or deadlift or clean or any other movement you now excel at in the box.I want you to do an exercise for me. I want you to take a moment and think back to when you started at The Point. Think about how you felt. Think about your first month of CrossFit. Think about the movements that you struggled with. Think about the way you used to eat. Think about the life you used to live. Think about your mentality towards life and your energy. Put yourself into your old body.Now... fast forward to Open WOD 18.1. Fast forward to this past week of workouts... Isn't it amazing? Can you believe how far you have come?Don't beat yourself up because you didn't lose those 2 pounds this past week or that you didn't PR your most recent lift. CrossFit, like life, is a process. We learn little by little. We progress a little here and a little there. We get better at each movement in our own time. We build up our cardio as we become more consistent and over a period of time. There's not a quick fix pill that will take you from being poor to being rich. There isn't a quick fix to changing your eating habits. There isn't a quick fix to getting your muscle up. There isn't a quick fix to getting your first pullup. All of these things happen as you progress physically and mentally. All of these things will happen but it is going to take work. It is going to take you doing everything in your power to progress. Accomplishing these goals may take you longer than others, and that's ok. All we can do is improve ourselves at our own pace.Coach DanFor those of you who have not signed up for the open. You have until Monday at 6 PM to do so. Everyone also has until that time to enter their 18.1 score. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! DO NOT BE LATE IN ENTERING YOUR SCORES! DO IT NOW!

Here is the link to sign up and you can enter your scores on The CrossFit Games App. Once you have signed up for The Open go to this link to put your shirt choice in. For those of you who do not want to sign up for the open but want this awesome shirt then click on the link above and order one. IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THE OPEN THE SHIRT IS FREE. IF YOU DO NOT THEN YOU WILL PAY ME $20 FOR THE SHIRT YOU ORDER. That's right, you may buy a shirt from me without signing up for the open.

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