Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.28.2016

November 6, 2020

Photo cred Steve Arnoldus - 16.1 pregame

16.1 almost in the books! I am loving all the work that is getting put into the 2016 open. I am so grateful for willing members who are so happy to help judge their fellow members. There is no way we could do this without all of you willing to judge and count for each other.On that note. We are getting together today at 1:30 to hopefully get the rest of you through 16.1. If you can make it in today please do. While there is still time to do it tomorrow, I want to do our best to avoid disrupting our regular classes. So if you decide to come in and do 16.1 for the first time tomorrow or feel like you'd like to give it a second go please arrange a judge to judge you. Also avoid the bigger classes if you can arrange it. 5:30 and 9:30 AM classes are the busiest.... The best case scenario is to have you join the group already forming for open gym at noon. Since there is so much space required for 16.1 I want to minimize the number of people who are doing it during our regular CrossFit classes. The regular classes will get first priority tomorrow.Please do not wait until 445 tomorrow to do your 16.1. You are really putting yourself into a tight window that may result in you unable to submit your score before the deadline. You don't want to miss out on entering your score prior to the 6 PM deadline. They will not let you submit it late. If I need to I can come in around 330 or 4 to help get you started and get it done for you. I want you to submit your best score possible.If you do come to a regular class tomorrow morning to do 16.1 we will separate you off to the side and let you get warmed up and set up on your own with your partner/judge. Please communicate with your peeps to see when they are planning on coming in.For those who have completed 16.1 please SUBMIT YOUR SCORES RIGHT NOW! Don't wait. If you redo it you can always withdraw your score and resubmit. Every year I have at least 1 or 2 people who don't submit it immediately and come Monday totally forget.The past 2 years we have been stuck at the 81st spot in regionals as a team. This year that is going to change. It is amazing how far you all have come as athletes. The improvement over the past year has been phenomenal. Not only that but we also have 95 participants this year. While I know not everyone signed up, I am super impressed with all of you who are willing to throw your hat in the ring. I also love how those of you who didn't sign up are so supportive in cheering on your peeps as they try their best to put the best score possible up to be compared to the rest of the world. The open truly is a fun time for me as a coach. I love seeing you all push yourselves to be your best self. I don't care if you are scaling or putting up the best Rx score in the gym. Your effort is all that matters to me. When I see you push past your limits I can't help but smile.Steve Arnoldus just took some amazing pictures this past Saturday and in some of them you can see me... In every one of them I have a smile on my face because of what I see you accomplishing. Your effort is what counts at The Point. Your attitude. Your drive. Your passion. Your support of your peeps. This is all that matters. Granted, I am a competitor. I don't like to lose. I am going to do everything I can to try and top the gym leaderboard. I am going to push you and I want to see you perform well when compared to the rest of the world but more than anything I want to see you push yourself to better yourself.CrossFit is about self improvement and being surrounded by like-minded people who want to not only improve themselves but push their friends to improve as well. We have just started this Open season and I am already proud of all of you. I can't wait to see what you all accomplish over the next 5 weeks!Coach Dan

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