Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 2.5.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Last night was a blast! So fun hanging out with all of you outside of the regular gym hours. Something special about getting together late on a Saturday night and grinding out an hour long workout with your box family. Hopefully next time we do it, which will be soonish... After The Open... We get even more people to come out!We are now officially 2 and a half weeks away from The Open! If you haven't signed up, be sure to get it done this week. This week we get a chance to retest a couple of our open prep WODs we did in December. I hope that we are all fitter and more prepared now than we were back about 6 weeks ago. I always get nervous to retest things like this but it's also very exciting!I have some very exciting news. CFTP will now be offering personal training. While we always make an effort to give you all personal training in our group classes, sometimes it just isn't enough. I know many of you have goals and would like to receive a little more one on one attention in order to achieve those goals. You will have your choice of trainers from The Point to choose from. Those trainers will work around your schedule to meet up with you and focus on weaknesses or anything else that you want to work on. All of the trainers at The Point have their specialties that they excel at and would love to work with you one on one.One on one time can help push you to the next level. Whether you are struggling with the Olympic lifting movements or the gymnastic movements or your metabolic capacity. The trainers at The Point will be there to help you progress.You can contact me to get contact information for the trainer of your choice. Each trainer has their own hourly rate so contact them to find out.Trainers participating in Personal Training at The Point:Dan Adamson- CrossFit Level 2 Certified, CrossFit Weightlifting or text 801-699-5677 or FacebookJoAnn McArthur - CrossFit Level 1, USAW Olympic Lifting CertificateText: 801-319-3236 Message on FacebookJeremy Clifford (Charms) - Strength SpecialistPhone or Facebook. 4352338056Jeffrey Wheeler - CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Mobility Certificate, CrossFit Kids Certificate801-709-8279 or email jeff@captawesome.comLeslie Faragher - CrossFit Level 1Email: or Text 8018361889LaDee Dangerfield - CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids Certificate, Powerlifting Certificate, Scaling Certificate, Weightlifting or text 801-259-5500Krishelle Butterfield - CrossFit Level 801-815-6368David Martinez - CrossFit Level 1Mandy Turner - CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids Certificate, Weightlifting Certificate801-703-6397 or FacebookEmily Adamson - CrossFit Level 1801-647-4522If you are interested in anyone not on this list please contact me to see if they are available for personal training.I'm really excited about being able to offer these personal training options. I hope you get a chance to take advantage of all the great knowledge of our trainers.Today's Spotlight is of John White:

Mr. John White:

1. How long have you been at The Point? July 31st 2016 was my first day.

2. What do you do for a living? I have a cushy office job. We help with making sure companies have their safety stuff up to par.

3. Prior to finding CrossFit what did you do for physical exercise? I literally did nothing for three years since my shoulder surgery. Before that I went to 24 hrs fitness and played some full contact football.

4. If you had to pick your favorite accomplishment during your CrossFit journey so far, what would it be? I'm less of a man, I mean 45lbs lost is pretty awesome.

5. What is one piece of advice you could give new CrossFitters that you wish you knew before you began? You will find the most success by going at least 4 times a week.

6. What is your favorite movement in CrossFit? That can change from week to week, because I like several. I recently tried and succeeded on a jumping bar muscle up. That's pretty fun. Deadlifts are probably my favorite though.

7. What is your favorite all time WOD you have done? Beast Mode

8. What are your goals for the upcoming year? To do some strict pull ups, double unders, lose more weight, and I have to do the Spartan Race.

9. Before starting CrossFit what was your view of CrossFit? How has that changed since joining? I thought it was only for the most elite fitness people. I know now that anyone can do it.

10. Give me a brief summary of your CrossFit journey thus far. The thing that keeps going through my mind is why didn't I start sooner. I've been friends with Jeff for 23 years and new he did crossfit, but I just never really asked him about it or got into it. Last year it clicked, I had to do something and it had to be right now. I weighed 290, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was considered pre diabetic. I was tired all the time, I would get out of breath from stairs. So I texted Jeff and said where is your CrossFit box? He told me, and he told me the times. I asked if I go at 530 would he be there with me? He said yes and I started that Friday. Since then I've tried not to look back. I go as often as I can. I keep pushing to get the RX stuff down and I'm never going to stop. I am surprised by how far I have come so far, and by how much fun I've had doing it. There are so many great people at CFTP and I'm thankful to be a part of it.

What do our coaches have to say?Coach Dan: From day 1 John had goals to be strong. I remember his frustration when the weights weren't where he hoped they would be but instead of getting down on himself he put in the extra effort, focused on form, and before you know it John has been a force to be reckoned with. I am excited to see him progress as time goes on.

Coach LaDee: John=never give up! He continues to work harder than most of us in the gym and is such an example of determination!Coach Wheeler: John's a stud and is as excited about CrossFit as anyone. Watching the changes that he's gone through is incredible. He always wants to get better and has a good attitude. Always fun getting to coach John.

Coach Charms: One of the most coachable and hard working people in the gym. Always asking how to get better.

Coach JoAnn: John is never shying away from a challenge. I watched him do 'Twas The WOD this last year, and then noticed he was looking for a partner for the Valentine's competition next week. When I see athletes that excited for growth, and not afraid to compete, I get excited to see where they will be in 3 months, 6 months, and a year from now!

Coach Emily: I've only had the opportunity to coach John a couple of times, but I noticed his drive to get better and willingness to be coached off the bat. It's a pleasure to have him in class, and to watch the little victories that take place.

Enjoy Superbowl Sunday! Tomorrow, we get back on the grind!

Coach Dan

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