Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.1.2020

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon!

Let it motivate, not debilitate.
What do I mean by this? We are in week three of the 2020 Lockdown and I have learned from personal experience and from coaching many of you that a competition/event can affect you one of two ways.
One way I have seen a poor performance or what one perceives as a poor performance is they allow it to stifle their progress. They get frustrated with where they rank or how they perform and that in turn causes them to give up. They get down on themselves and then that turns into a "why even try?" attitude.
There is another way this could go. It can motivate you to do better or to adjust your training to become better. You can allow your failures or perceived failures to push you to a new level and motivate you to change your habits or to adjust how you approach your workouts. It can motivate you to be more consistent and to strive to learn new things. Failure can be the ultimate motivator if you allow it.
You are capable of amazing feats. The only restrictions to your greatness at the gym or in life will be of your own choosing. I say this as my team sits at the bottom of the leaderboard. My partner and I were very aware of our current physical abilities but decided to jump in anyways. After this competition, which may have us finish at the bottom, Jake and I can use this experience to motivate us to be better. To try harder. To eat better, Be more consistent. Losing is not the end of the world. This isn't the first time that I might "fail" or "lose" at something and if I continue to challenge myself through life, it won't be the last time I lose. It can't be, if I strive to grow. Often times we learn more when we lose than when we win. Keep that in mind.

New Point Fitness Schedule starts this week!

New High Fitness Schedule

We now have High every day!!! Not only that, we have added an extra class to our Bootcamp! I am so excited to be able to add these classes. We will continue to add more and more value to your memberships as we continue to grow! Please spread the word and don't forget about our March Referral Special we are running. (See below for more details)

New Schedule going forward:
High Fitness:
Monday: 8 PM
Tuesday: 9:30 AM
Wednesday: 8 PM
Thursday: 9:30 AM
Friday: 6 AM (NEW CLASS)
Saturday: 7:45 AM

Monday: 6 and 9:30 AM
Tuesday: 6 AM (New Class)
Wednesday: 6 and 9:30 AM
Thursday: 6 AM (New Class)
Friday: 9:30 AM

Other Group Fitness Options:
Tuesday: Pop Pilates @ 7:30 PM
Thursday: Yoga @ 8 PM
Saturday: Myofascial Rolling @ 9 AM

SPRING into Summer Special

I am excited to announce two new specials for the month of March! Summer is just around the corner and it's time for us to help get our friends ready for beach season!
The deal is simple. If you bring in a friend and that friend signs up, you get money off of your next month membership! If your friend or family member signs up for CrossFit, you get $50 and your friend gets $50 off their first month! I will do the same special for all Olympic Lifting referrals too!
If your friend signs up for the group fitness pass, you get $35 and your friend gets $35 off their first month!
Plaster this all over your social media and before you know it, you'll be getting paid to come to Point Fitness!

March attendance competition
One final fun event for March. If you have the most check-ins in the month of March, you get a free shirt and free product(s) from behind the desk, up to $100!
In addition to the winner, I will also do a drawing from all the check-ins throughout the month of March and whoever I draw out will get the same prize!
All you have to do is check in every time you come in.

Spring and Summer can't come soon enough. I am excited for these competitions and for the rest of the Lockdown!

Coach Dan

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