Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.10.2019

November 6, 2020

Good morning CFTP,Another week and another Open workout in the books. Such an amazing Friday Night Lights with great energy and great accomplishments. It was really cool how it all went down. Thursday night brought out a lot of frustration, anger, and questioning of our abilities. After you all had a good night's rest, I saw a shift in your attitudes. I saw a greater understanding of what our job as athletes were. It wasn't going to help to complain. The best way to take on the task asked of us was to attack it head on and you all did that.I loved seeing you push hard to get through the first 2 movements as quickly as possible. It then impressed me so much to see you all line up on the wall and try your hardest to get reps on the strict handstand push-ups. Some of you had never done a handstand before, most of you have never tried the new scaled standard of 5" strict handstand push-ups but that didn't stop you from giving it a try and for so many of you, succeeding with multiple reps! I understand the initial knee-jerk reaction when we are asked to do something that we have never done or even tried. It's hard to understand why someone would program a movement so unfamiliar to us but in the end, it made us better. It pushed us outside our comfort zone and as the saying goes, "progress exists outside our comfort zones."We are 3 weeks into this first intramural Open and this week has been full of motivating videos, PRs, before and afters and of course bingos! So far, these are our bingo leaders (Remember, when you get a bingo, send me a picture and I will add the point to your team):#teamblueHelen Gardner - 4#teamgreenKelsey Ellis - 3LaDee Dangerfield - 3Chelsea Zorn - 2#teamredTashina Meldrum - 1#teamblackBeth Burke - 1These are starting to add up and affect the leaderboard! Get your bingos in and send me them when you get them! Boys... We need to step up our game! Tell your teammates to get going! We have 2 more weeks to accumulate points and... I for one, want the prize that goes to the winner! (Prize will be announced this week!)We have 2 more weeks. I know that 5 weeks seems like a long time but it really says a lot about our ability to stick to a commitment. Keep on completing the WODs. Get those bingos. Celebrate your box mates' accomplishments. Come to Friday Night Lights and cheer and compete and get some dope pics! You only have two more weeks to make it to FNL. I hope to see you all there. It really is a blast and want to see you all in our pics the next two Fridays!Coach LaDee weekly thoughts:"Am I an advocate for others or an adversary? Do I step in when others cannot stand up for themselves? Do I defend others or do I jump on the bandwagon to cause hurt and pain? How do I parent? What would my kids say? I want an advocate to step in for me when I can’t do it on my own! I want an advocate who defends me and I want to be that for others. Great lesson today!"Thank you coach! I hope we all can be the support that our gym family needs. You never know what someone else is going through. Be there for your friends and they'll be there for you when you are in need.Coach Dan

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