Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.11.2018

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Week 3 of The Open is almost complete! I have loved this year's WODs and let me tell you why.The first 2 weeks showcased a couple of movements that really didn't play into my favor, the row and a heavy max. Really not in my wheelhouse but I loved them! They were a blast and I loved the workouts but they just weren't my best movements. I pushed as hard as possible and when the dust settled I was in my worst ranking ever in the world, the region and our very own gym and yet it was probably the best I have felt at the start of The Open ever. Why? Well I'll tell ya.When the workouts were announced I knew they were not going to be my bread and butter workouts but that isn't something I could rectify in the moment. I had put in the work throughout the last year and I am where I am fitness wise and I wasn't going to let a couple of movements get me down. All I could do is go out there and give it my best effort. All I had control over was my attitude going into it and my effort while doing it. I can't control what is programmed. I can't control outside factors but I can control how I react to them.Now... Fast forward to this week's announcement. I was grinning ear to ear! Double Unders, Overhead Squats, Ring Muscle Ups, Dumbbell Snatches, and Bar Muscle Ups. Never in the history of The Open has a workout played more into my personal favorites. The double unders may have been a bit excessive but all in all they were all movements that I am proficient at and all movements I can move through quite efficiently.This is why I love CrossFit. Every day there is a new challenge. I believe CrossFit mimics life in that sense. When we wake up in the morning, we never know what might happen. We don't know what might happen at work or at home or in our kid's lives. We really have no idea what might happen to us but we still must get up and face it. Things are going to happen to us and the question isn't is it fair or unfair, the question is, "how am I going to react to this situation?" You can't prepare for every little thing that might come up. You can't prepare for every workout and be the best at every movement but you can train your mind. You can train your mind and your body on how to react to unknown situations.Every day we can prepare ourselves mentally to tackle the challenges that befall us. When you come into the box and see that there are 800 DOUBLE UNDERS programmed, you can walk out or you can take on that challenge and even though you may fail and it might get frustrating; by facing that challenge you are becoming mentally stronger. You are improving your mental readiness for anything in the future that might challenge you.I truly believe that victories that take place in the box translate into future victories outside the box. Maybe it is just me but since starting CrossFit, I know I am more prepared for what the world is going to throw at me. I have learned to look at the bigger picture and not dwell on where I am currently but where I will be if I stick to it and work hard. I will not promise to program workouts that you love everyday. I will not promise you that CrossFit is going to get easier. But I will promise you that when you take on the workouts that you struggle with and the movements that frustrate you, you will get better at them and you will not only improve physically but you will improve your mind and your ability to do hard things.Coach Dan

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