Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.12.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP Peeps,17.3... Was a surprise. It was interesting to see everyone's reactions. For the most part it was, "Castro is a prick!" or "Squat snatches?! That's stupid!" or "Crap, I don't know how to do a squat snatch."For me, I love this WOD for a number of reasons. The first is that I love snatches and I tolerate C2B. The other reason I love this WOD is because it pushed many of you out of your comfort zones. Squat Snatches are a very technical movement and many times when I program them, my classes seem to be a bit smaller or my classes have a whole bunch of "OW" (own WOD) or "Spartan" next to people's names. It's a movement that takes a deliberate effort from the athlete in order to improve. It is not a movement that people can come off the street and accomplish.

Terrible picture from back in 2011 when I started CrossFit.

The reason I added this picture above is because I want to point something out. This was me when I first started CrossFit. This is me performing a clean. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING. I still had a ton of bad habits and struggled, especially with the higher skill movements such as the Snatch and the clean.

It has taken me years of practice and thousands of repetitions to become proficient at these movements and even now I still have things I need to fix in order to become better. No matter how long you have been doing CrossFit there is always something you can improve on.

Even if snatches seemed stupid and you felt like it was out of the realm of possibility for you, don't give up. It takes time and a lot of purposeful effort on your end in order to get better. It doesn't just happen. You have to make it happen.

On that note, when we as coaches correct you or give you a cue, please listen. I try my best to find one thing you can fix every day you come into the gym. I will correct you and give you cues no matter if you have been at The Point for 1 month or 4 years. It is my job to see something you can fix and something that can make you better. It is your job, as an athlete, to listen to that cue and fix your bad habits. Even the highest level athletes have coaches that are there to help them improve and the athletes that perform the best and continue to improve through their career are the athletes who don't stop listening to their coaches. The athletes who say, "I already know enough." are the athletes who plateau and stop improving.

There are many athletes at The Point who are stronger than me. There are athletes at The Point who snatch better than me. There are athletes at The Point who move better than me. This is all true and I am super happy to see athletes at The Point pass me up as an athlete. My focus is always to improve as an athlete but my main focus is seeing all of you become your best self. Nothing makes me happier than putting up a "fast" time and then at the end of the day seeing 5 other people beat that time.

If 17.3 wasn't your cup of tea and you struggled, GREAT! Learn from this. By putting in the effort to accomplish the WOD you have already become a better athlete. Be proud of what you have accomplished and know that I am proud that you tried. We as coaches beam when we see the effort you put in. Also, SO MANY SNATCH PRs THIS WEEKEND! So amazing! I am super proud of all of you and can't wait for 17.4!

I really hope you all continue to strive to improve. I hope you all recognize your weaknesses and put in the extra work to overcome those weaknesses so next year when Dave Castro announces one of your weaknesses your reaction is, "Challenge accepted!"

Coach Dan

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