Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.17.2019

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP,What an incredible week! Thank you all for that awesome display of hard work and push all day Friday and Friday Night Lights. It was so awesome to be part of.This week is the final week of the 1st 2019 CrossFit Open. Usually at this point I am pooped from all the extra stress but with this new intramural format and with all of your push and enthusiasm... I'll have to admit that I am sad it is coming to an end. Friday Night Lights has been a treat and I have loved watching all of you every week. NOW... I want all of you to come to this final FNL. It is this Friday at 6 PM. Here is the Facebook Event Link: If you aren't on Facebook, please respond to the weekly Spotlight email and let me know so I will have enough food for everyone.

At 6:20 PM on Friday, we will be taking our CFTP Family Photo and I want everyone there! I want so many people there that we have to open up the garage so you all can overflow into the parking lot! If you are in the Intramural Open, please wear your shirts! If not, just wear whatever but be there! I can't wait for this final week. Keep working on those bingos and complete 19.4 and 19.5 for points for your team! Remember what you all get if your team wins!

Another really exciting thing coming your way this week... Saturday, we will be hosting 360 Fitness Nutrition! This is a great opportunity to talk to a professional about what macros are and ask about all the different diets out there. We all work so hard to learn how to do all the different movements in the gym. It's time we put that effort into learning what we should be putting in our bodies. You all should come if you are available... If you can't make it Saturday morning, we will also be hosting another one on the following Thursday night! Here's the link to the event page:

My final thoughts today...On Friday night we saw some amazing feats. We had Slim get his very first pull-ups! We had Megan Burr and Jon Meldrum get back on the bar muscle ups. We had multiple people complete more snatches at the heavier weight than they ever have in one workout. We had so many amazing moments and I am so proud of everyone and loved the push you all gave to each other.

I hope that Coach Mandy doesn't kill me for this but I have to tell her how proud I am of her and I think we all can learn a thing or two from her. The Bar Muscle Up and the Ring Muscle Up have been a struggle for Mandy and a frustration for her and for myself as her coach. We have worked and worked and worked on this movement and have had many moments of frustration. We even had a scary moment 3 years ago where Mandy fell off the bar and broke her back.With all these frustrations, many athletes would have given up. Not Mandy. She even took a CrossFit Gymnastics course this past year in hopes to get over that mental/physical block preventing her from this movement. On Friday morning Mandy told me that tonight was the night. This is the first time I have heard her say this to me and I was hopeful.I would love to be the one to report that on Friday night, Mandy got her first Muscle Up... BUT, this is not the case. She tried and worked but it wasn't in the cards. It's easy to get excited about the final product of hard work but very rarely do we celebrate the struggle that leads up to the final product. I know, without a doubt, that Mandy will get her muscle up and I hope I am there when it happens.You all work so hard and sometimes the process can be frustrating but I want you all to know, you are not alone in the struggle. Your coaches want you to accomplish those goals as much as you do. When we see you working, we are studying and working alongside you to figure out exactly what we can do to help you accomplish your goals. I have watched video after video and read article after article in hopes that I find that one cue that I could give Mandy that gets her over the bar. It will happen and until then, we will continue to work to make it happen.There is joy in the journey but there is also struggle and anger and frustration but that journey makes us who we are. Even if we haven't accomplished a certain goal yet, it doesn't mean the struggle to accomplish that goal hasn't already made us better people. That struggle is what makes us great!Coach Dan

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