Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.18.2018

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Boy, am I glad I attempted 18.4 before writing this. How bout that standard?! Phew! Frustrating to say the least.It took me back to Emily and my first fight! Three years ago and Emily was tasked to judge me on handstand pushups, the first time they were introduced into the CrossFit Open. The standard was a bit different than this years but the frustration was the same. It was something new and it was so difficult to achieve. To say I lost my cool would be putting it mildly. I pride myself in being able to keep my cool and not letting that raging competitive side out but it was let loose back in 2015. Today I felt it welling up inside me once again and Scoob was my judging victim. I got a little upset but definitely handled it better than three years ago.The reason I relate this story to you is to let you know that I totally understand the feelings of frustration with 18.4. And so does the rest of the CrossFit world. Every year Castro seems to bring out the be(a)st in all of us. So, what can we learn from this new standard?#1 Don't get frustrated.It's very easy as you are upside down and listening to your judge say, "a little higher, not quite..." to get frustrated. As you shrug your shoulders and your legs has far as you can and your hamstrings cramp because of the effort and it's still not enough.But don't let it fluster you. Take a deep breath, shake it out and try again. That's all you can do in that moment.#2 Prepare yourself.When we find out a new standard, prepare yourself and get a strategy in place. Maybe instead of 10 reps in a row you do 5s. Maybe you'll need to change your position on the wall so you are closer to the wall. Do some practice rounds before you are under the pressure of the clock.#3 Learn from it.I totally understand the reasoning behind the new standard. Do I think it is a bit ridiculous? YES! But do I understand the purpose behind it? 100%. When it's all said and done, we will better know how to perform proper handstand pushups. We will have a tighter stance therefore engaging the correct muscles. We will keep our body nice and straight rather than letting our core slouch. When 18.4 is over we will have become more aware of our positioning and in the long run we will be better movers overall. Isn't that ultimately the goal of CrossFit?Ok, there's my two cents on 18.4. If you are giving it a go tomorrow, good luck! If you have done it and are glad it is over, congratulations! ONTO 18.5!18.5 is always special at The Point. IT'S BBQ TIME! This year, we will be starting the throwdown at 5 PM on Friday night! We will begin heats early and we will eat around 7 PM. As soon as everyone has completed the WOD we will all eat and WATCH CROSSFIT GAMES 2017: THE REDEEMED AND DOMINANT! It comes out Friday, just in time for us to watch it together on a blow up screen and projector! We want to invite all the families to come out and watch and eat and enjoy the box family.CrossFit The Point will provide the hamburgers and hot dogs and brats and what not. I will set up an event on Facebook and we will put together a list of sides and desserts and drinks for everyone to sign up for and bring. It's a blast and we will have Steve Arnoldus on hand to capture the awesomeness of 18.5. If 18.1-18.4 are any indication of 18.5, we are in for a treat!I really hope you all can make it out to 18.5. Some of my best memories have been created while amongst my box family and I really hope you all will be there to create some more this coming Friday night!Coach Dan

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