Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.19.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP,17.4!! Am I right?! Progress for most, frustration for some. This week has reminded me of a few things and I am going to share a story to illustrate what I learned a couple of years ago and what I hope we all can learn from this week.

Perfect timing for this to pop up on my memories on Facebook. 2 years ago CrossFit came up with the HSPU Open standard. If you can't read the caption here it is, "Heels over the line they said... It'll be fun they said... New standard introduced... First of all I have to apologize to Emily... May have got a little caught up in the moment... Haven't been that frustrated in an open wod since 2012 when I got no repped 40 times on my way to 150 wall balls. This is why I love CrossFit... Always challenging me physically and mentally. 15.4 will not get the best of me!

:)"Ok... So once again this year they added a little something new to the standard and I think some of us can hopefully learn the same thing I learned 2 years ago. In the moment of getting no repped I lost my cool. I was frustrated and anyone around me got the brunt of it, especially my judge, Emily... Let's just say, nobody dared to talk to me until about 30 minutes after time expired. After I got done I took a step back and realized that I needed to reevaluate my attitude in that situation. Everyone around me was cheering me on and on my side. Emily wasn't giving me any bro reps which is how it should be. I was learning a valuable lesson.First lesson I learned is: when a new standard is introduced, practice that standard prior to jumping into the workout. You can't expect yourself to learn on the fly when you are exhausted. It is better to go into it fresh and learn where your deficiencies are.Second lesson I learned is: We are all on the same team. This past week I have seen a few athletes enter that anger zone that I entered 2 years ago and the people around them got an earful. I love the passion and I love the friendly competition but I want to make sure everyone knows that everyone at The Point wants to see you successful. We are all cheering you on and when your judge says you did not reach the standard, instead of getting frustrated, step back and do your best to fix it.We take standards very seriously at The Point. We want everyone to be on a level playing field and I am always so impressed that judges, your friends, are willing to no rep you when you fail to reach the standard. That is a sign of a true friend and supporter.One example of someone who took the no reps in stride this year is TJ. He had 5 minutes to complete his HSPU and he got no repped probably 15 times but he listened to what his judge was telling him and tried again to get more reps.The last thing I learned is: DO NOT GET JUDGED BY YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER. LOL. I am not going to elaborate on that point. :)I joke around all the time with the #notmyopen hashtag... It's been a rough go for me personally with the WOD choices of Dave Castro. It has exposed many of my weaknesses and has helped me to reevaluate where I need my extra work. This is why I love The Open so much. I now have a whole list of things that I want to improve on in the upcoming year.The Open isn't only going to affect the way I train but also the way I program for all of you. For the most part I believe each and every one of you has improved over last year. I have seen such huge improvements and I have loved it. Now we have some more information that is going to help me to help you get fitter.We are on track to break into the top 40 in the region as a team! We are sitting at 41st going into this week and I really believe we can finish strong these last two weeks. Let's finish strong and cheer on our peeps!Coach DanThis week's Spotlight goes to Audrey Olson!!!

1. I have been about at the Point for about 3.5 years.

2. I am a Medical Technologist in Transfusion Services at Intermountain Medical Center. Basically, I test patient's blood and find compatible blood for them. I love science and love using that Science to save lives by providing blood to my patients.

3. Before Crossfit, I had a Gold's Gym membership and tried a Bootcamp Gym.

4. My favorite accomplishment really is just trying new things that I never thought I could do before. Crossfit is constantly putting me outside my comfort zone, which then provides the atmosphere for me to grow.

5. My best piece of advice to New Crossfitters is to not compare yourself to others. There is someone always at a different level than you. Really you should push yourself to achieve new goals, even if it's baby steps.

6. My favorite movement in Crossfit is really anything with kettle bells.

7. My favorite Wod is actually Murph.....because it's the hardest one for me and ALWAYS tests me and helps me improve.

8. My goals for the upcoming year is to tackle body weight moves(ring dips, handstand push ups, etc) that I've always struggled with due to low self confidence and that extra weight.

9. Before Crossfit, I thought Crossfit looked hard and was only for those army or body-builder types. Now, I know it's for everyone.

10. Crossfit has tried and tested me in ways I didn't expect. Before joining, I wasn't really progressing in exercise area and was really just looking for something that fit me. My husband bought me the Crossfit the Point groupon as a Birthday present. Although I was really excited to try something new, I was really intimidated by Crossfit....I waited to start until right before the Groupon was expired. Once I started and saw that there were all types of people, I became more comfortable. I stuck with it and got really fit and strong before I got pregnant with my last child. I struggled with Morning Sickness my WHOLE pregnancy and honestly, Crossfit and just exercising helped my keep that sickness at bay on most days. I had some complications with my last pregnancy (not due to Crossfit), but my baby came early. I had preecclampsia. I got really sick really fast and finally checked myself into the hospital with a Blood pressure of 235/112. For those not in Healthcare field tha tmeans my blood pressure was so high that I could have started seizing or stroking at any minute, and my life as well as my baby's was in jeopardy. I had an emergency C-section and both myself and my baby were in the hospital for a long time. I ended up being in the hospital for about 9 days (which felt like an eternity to me). Each day when my Doctor came to examine and check up on me, he kept saying how amazed he was that my body was able to bounce back so quickly from such a severe case of precclampsia. My doctor asked if I exercised during my pregnancy and I told him I went to Crossfit 3-4 time a week. He said that is really what saved me and my baby. My body was able to bounce back and my blood pressure normalized on its own. After that traumatic delivery and I was cleared to come back to Crossfit, I learned yet another lesson. Listen to your body. I was so anxious to do what I was doing before pregnancy, that I upped those weights to quickly and really injured my back for about 10 months. During this time, I also struggled with Post Partum depression and fluctuations in my weight. However, I still stuck to Crossfit because I knew if I put my mind to something, I could accomplish it again even if it was back to baby steps. I learned again that I needed to really balance everything in my life-nutrition, exercise, sleep, work, and family life. I started tackling one thing at a time while remaining constant to Crossfit. Reallly, Crossfit and the people all around me kept reminding me of where I wanted to be physically and mentally. All the examples have really been my anchor in my journey. Although there were a lot of ups and downs, I know I have that foundation to keep me on the path that I want to be on thanks to everyone on Crossfit the Point.

Thank you Aubrey!! We love you at The Point!

Coach Dan: I can't believe Audrey has been with us for over 3 years! I have been so impressed with her, especially in the last year. She has really honed in on her nutrition and is looking amazing! Not only looking amazing but because of her nutrition changes she has been progressing quickly in the gym. Not only is she getting stronger but her gymnastics are coming along very quickly. I can't wait to see her progress over the next 6 months.

Coach Leslie: "Audrey is always improving. She's been working hard on nutrition and it definitely shows in gym. I don't get to see her very often and I definitely miss her positivity and her adorable kiddos!"

The rest of the trainers only got a short time to respond to this so hopefully they can add it to the comments in the group.

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