Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.20.2016

November 6, 2020

PC: Steve Arnoldus

Good afternoon peeps!16.4 has been by far my favorite one to watch you all do. I am so impressed with how hard you all pushed yourselves. It is so amazing to see each and every one of your strengths come to light during the open. We are making a move in the team rankings which is great but the best thing about this open is how it is pushing you to be your best you.This past Tuesday I programmed a pretty brutal WOD. As I was coaching this WOD I want to tell you what I noticed. I noticed something that I haven't seen consistently from our athletes in a long while during every day workouts. During this 6 round workout I saw athletes literally running from the rings to the rowers. Then I saw them running from the rowers to the wall balls. This was happening in not just one or two of the hours throughout the day. This was happening in every single class! This wasn't happening because I made some grand speech prior to the WOD telling you to push hard. This was happening because you as athletes decided that it was time to push yourself a little harder. To challenge your body a little more. To personally make the decision that today I was going to give my all.As I watched you all push yourselves I was beaming with pride as a coach. There is nothing more satisfying than watching athletes push their potential without being asked to. This is your hour. When you come in it is your time to make a difference in your life.Then when 16.4 was announced I knew that you all were ready to push. I knew that this would be the week that I would see our claws come out. It's so much fun seeing you all succeed every day in the gym. Thank you for your consistency and hard work. Thank you for trusting in our programming. Our athletes have been developed from the ground up. Every year we are improving and it is starting to show. For our 2016 team we didn't have to go outside our walls to bring in greatness. We built that greatness within our walls. By focussing on our athletes we have created a well rounded team who are truly a team. We are all together. We are one. We're not just scores on a scorecard. We all bring a special uniqueness and strength to the CFTP team.I am grateful for the improvement you all have shown over the past year. It wasn't developed during the open. It was developed every day that you came into The Point and every day over the past year that you push yourself like you did on Tuesday during our normal, not so glamorous, WODs.Keep up the good work and let's finish strong! Thursday night will be the 16.5 final Open WOD announcement. Friday night we will be throwing down. We will also be having a bbq and hanging out. This is the final WOD of the 2016 Open Season. Make plans to come out Friday and let's all throwdown together. Not to mention we'll get amazing pics taken by Steve Arnoldus!Coach Dan

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