Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.29.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP,The open is coming to an end. Be sure to enter your final 15.5 score before tomorrow's deadline. It has been a great open season and as a coach I couldn't be more proud of the progress you all have made. It's been awesome to see you all give 100 percent for the full five weeks.Your open shirts, for those who participated, will be here shortly. Now, as I reflect back on the past 5 weeks and even over the past 10 weeks; to include the lockdown. I have learned a lot about what we need to work on to become better at what we do day in and day out at the gym. Our gym placed better this year than we ever have in the Open. We have improved in many areas but we still have many areas that need improvement. Our goal as a CFTP team is to work on those goals and create a program that will help us improve on our weaknesses.One huge part of this open and for CrossFit in general is the need for strength. While our strength as a whole has improved drastically over the past year I have noticed a trend that I hope we can break. Every day we provide a SWOD and a WOD. Lately in many of the classes we have had to cut the time it takes to do the SWOD short due to a couple of things.The first thing is tardiness. In almost every class there is at least one person who is showing up late to class. This disrupts the class and makes it so myself or my trainer needs to wait for that person to warmup so we can get the class going. I understand from time to time being late is unavoidable but we provide enough classes that we hope you can make it on time to the class you choose to come to.The second reason is the "warmup is a suggestion" attitude. Myself or my trainers put WOD specific warmups on the board in order to prepare you for the upcoming strength and workout. So while they may be on time they choose to socialize and wait for the call of circle up before they start to warmup. Warmups are essential and in order to keep our bodies healthy and injury free we must take the time to warm up our machine.I'm all for the social atmosphere and I understand that we all love each other. I wouldn't have it any other way but I know everyone has goals and by skipping the SWOD or just going through the motions on the SWOD will not help you towards those goals. If I asked you if you wanted to be stronger I am sure the majority will say of course but what are you doing to make that possible? When the SWOD says 5x2 Back Squat at 90% and we decide that 5x2 at 75% will suffice because "I don't have time to warmup to 90%" then this is a problem. Take control of your workout. Get into class on time or even better yet early! If you get done with the advised warmup then start warming up for the SWOD before the class stretch. Be proactive. Take advantage of the full hour while in the class.So... That is my advice for the upcoming week. I want you all to get to class early and get right on the warmup. I want you to notice how much easier it is to move during the workouts when we have properly warmed up and we are not rushed.I have grand plans for all of us here at The Point. Starting this week I will be providing an open gym time at 12 noon on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. During this time I will be doing my strength programming and an additional WOD that everyone is welcome to join me on. You can also use this time to come in and work on whatever you want. It is open gym which means I will be there but not necessarily running a class. If this class seems to be something beneficial to us all then I will provide it five days a week.I want to thank you all for the atmosphere you create at the gym. I am more motivated than ever to personally and as a coach get better. I know you all have the desire it takes to become the best in the area. Keep up the good work and I will see you all this coming week!Coach DanNutritionist Amy Weekly Advice:This is the last week of National Nutrition Month as we move into April. Many of us have used Pinterest to find clean eating recipes, but I wanted to share some of my favorite clean eating blogs. They are all quite varied in which type of nutrition to which they adhere (Weston Price/traditional, grain free, South Beach, or Paleo), but all have recipes with healthy, whole foods ingredients and that taste delish! So here you go! (She stopped her blog last June, but all her recipes are still there and are great!)

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