Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.29.2020

November 6, 2020

Full week of operation Zoom complete! Thank you all for joining in and keeping everyone's spirits high during this craziness.

First thing I want to do is announce the winners of week one! I will announce the team first! This winning team will receive 20% off all products that we sell at Point Fitness for this entire week!

And the winner is...
Team "What's The Point?"
Team Captains: Chad Colunga and Zach Lake

Full Standings of Week 1:
1. What's The Point? - 363 Points
2. One Heart, 6 Feet Apart - 304 Points
3. Covid Ops - 245 Points
4. Jacked out of the Box - 228 Points
5. Mic Check - 202 Points
6. Going the Social Distance - 200 Points
7. Team HUG (Hidden Underground Gym) - 113 Points
8. Highsolation - 45 Points

Congratulations to the team winner! We will reset the scores and we have a different way to score points this week... Bringing Bingo back baby! But before I roll that out... Let's congratulate the individual winner who will be receiving the Point Fitness Bundle! 1 CSE Protein, 1 Perk Energy, and 1 Offbeat Butter or $90 credit to the store.

And the winner is... Helen Gardner!!! With 52 points which is the most points you could receive in a week. Congratulations Helen. Remember for those with the discount and Helen, we are open from 11-1 everyday!

Week 2
Onto week 2... We'll be keeping the point system the same as last week except a few slight changes and additions.
Join a zoom class – 5 Points
Enter your workout score in SugarWOD – 1 Point
If you didn't do the WOD but your own thing - 1 Point
Post a video or Picture on Social Media while tagging Point Fitness and/or CrossFit The Point. – 1 Point
Additional Points:
For each square of the bingo card you accomplish, you get 1 point.
For completing a bingo you'll get an additional 2 points.

Bingo Card

I'll post this on Facebook as well. I would recommend printing it out and checking it off as you complete it.


Kid's Zoom Classes
We miss your kids and want to help give them an outlet a couple of days a week. So we are opening a Tuesday and Thursday 3 PM Zoom class for them to jump on and get their wiggles out and get a little workout in. Coach Aimee is heading it up.
If you want to join in, it'll just be $5/week/kid. Follow this link and jump on board. We will be using the same zoom link as we are for all of the other workouts.

#FamilySquatChallenge Winner
Couldn't pick just one!
This was a hard one... Megan and Chris were hilarious! Mark and Daphne impressed the heck of out me! Big Mike squatting three humans! The Gardners with awesome family involvement. The Winns flirting with danger of getting decapitated from their ceiling fan... The list goes on! If you have not seen these, search #familysquatchallenge and take a look! We'll have another Sunday challenge next week! Thank you for brightening my day with these feats of strength! If you haven't done yours... Do it! I want to see everyone take this on!

Final thoughts
Emily and I have been talking about how grateful we are to be part of such a supportive group of people. I want to thank all of you for supporting us. We are doing everything we can to continue to add value to your memberships as best we can until we are allowed back into the gym. Please give these Zoom classes a try. You don't need any equipment and I miss seeing you all. Come in and participate.
Please let me or any of our coaching team know if you need anything. If you are struggling at all, we can help you anonymously. You are part of some of the most generous people around who are always looking to help. If you know of someone within our community who is struggling, please hit me up and I will organize a way to help them. I believe there is nothing that this community can't handle if put to the test.

Coach Dan

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