Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.31.2019

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP!Announcement first:This week we will be holding our Foundations classes at 5:45 PM everyday Monday through Thursday. That means that it will become Open Gym for everyone else. IF YOU HAVE NOT ATTENDED FOUNDATIONS OR IF YOU'D LIKE A REFRESHER, PLEASE JOIN US! ALSO, IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS OR FAMILY LOOKING TO TRY US OUT, THIS CLASS IS PERFECT! Get them in tomorrow night! Foundations class is a set of classes that are used to go over all the barbell movements and to help evaluate new members and their needed modifications.Thank you for participating in the March Battle of the Sexes! It was running month and I am excited to see if the women were able to pull one back or if the men are starting this series 2-0! I'll announce the winner later this week.For the month of April, we have a unique opportunity to take this challenge to another level. We will still be doing the men vs the women but we will be doing a challenge that will help raise awareness for a cause. As you all may or may not know, we have a pretty good size crew who are currently or have been in the military, myself included. Earlier this week I got asked by Jonathan Love to have our gym participate in their April Challenge. Here is the flyer explaining the purpose:

Pull Up to Stop Sexual Assault or #pu2stopSA is a chance for us to raise awareness of this problem and by raising awareness we can help prevent future occurrences. I am honored to be part of this and hope you all join with me to help raise awareness.Now, I always say, the more you do something the better you will be at it and the stronger you will get. I believe that is true with everything including pull-ups. With that in mind I want to also issue a caution to all of you. Ease into the extra pull-up reps. If you aggressively increase your reps in addition to your already 3 minimum WODs a week, there's a chance that you will do damage to your muscles and in a worse case scenario you can cause Rhabdo that could put you in the hospital and cause serious damage. Please keep this in mind while you take on this challenge. Our number one goal at The Point is to make you fitter and to help you live healthier lives so while I want you to challenge yourself, I also want you to be smart about this upcoming challenge.I got an awesome email from one of my favorite people the other day. It was an article written about her experience with The Point and how it changed her life. After she sent it, I asked if I could share it with the group and she said that would be ok.Before I share this I want to express my thanks to all of our members. You are the ones who really make CrossFit The Point unique and help others feel comfortable enough to come in and change their lives. When someone new decides to come into CrossFit, it's very intimidating. They are coming in not knowing the lingo, not knowing the movements, some have never touched a barbell in their lives. They see people doing handstand walks and lifting crazy heavy weights and it can be scary at first. BUT, you all make that go away. Just by saying hi and introducing yourself to new members goes a long way. Sometimes you may not even know you are making a difference but by being open to letting new people in and by noticing them, you are helping people take the first step to changing their lives.Here is the article written by our very own Nettie Nielsen giving us a look inside her experience at The Point:

Step up to the Plate!

“Step up to the Plate” is a term we use when we want people to Rise to the Occasion! Take personal responsibility and Do Your Best!

For Me... the “Plate” is an object I hang in my room. It is more than just wall decor... It’s a gift I treasure... Its a symbolism of what’s important.... and a reminder of what the power of love can do....

I started CrossFit about 2 1/2 years ago... and as you know.... anyone who starts CrossFit has the feelings of nervousness.... intimidation.... and uncertainty. Little do you know you're entering a world unlike any other. And you're not really sure what is going to happen... but you know it’s gonna be big!

6 months into CrossFit, I found myself loving The Point! I was healthier and stronger than I had ever been in my life. And I also had friends... a community... that I loved and felt a part of.

In about February of 2017... I got lost emotionally and spiritually and I lost all sense of who I was and where I was going in my life. Things had happened that made me feel like nothing was certain, and I might as well die than keep living a nothing life. I felt so depressed... and was contemplating if this life is truly worth living.

I kept doing CrossFit because it was the only thing that made me happy throughout the day. Until I realized that I needed to take a break to figure out where my life was going. So I told Dan I was quitting...

Now I thought... it would be no big deal. After all... I was just Another girl in the gym doing the programmed workout... just another body taking up space and using equipment and sweating like an animal. I thought I would just leave as quietly as I came....

I was wrong.

Coach Dan was extremely kind and thoughtful and asked, “Why?” And I couldn’t even really explain it... I just felt like I needed to quit for the moment. He kept being sweet and asked if there was something he could do... even asked if it was the price of the gym. The care and concern and love I felt from him surprised me. And it touched me deeply. I didn’t think it would matter much if I came or left. He made me feel like it did and that I mattered.

And he wasn’t the only one....

I found myself completely shocked at how all the people I was sweating and panting with had turned into friends and family. There was one lady in particular who always seemed to see through my walls and she arranged for people I had associated with to get me a gift. A beautiful kettlebell that I forever cherish and gift cards.

And my Favorite was a 10 pound “Plate” that people at my gym had signed. They wrote words of encouragement and their name. It’s one of the best possessions I own.

I left The Point with an abundant amount of love.... I couldn’t believe a gym could be so amazing and supportive and give anyone not only the sense of feeling healthy, but the feeling you belong and are loved and valued.

I left the point and when I quit, I debated what to do with my life... and I was very inspired by all the love I freely got at the gym... and I wanted to pay it forward in my own way. And a couple months later I signed up to go on a service mission. And give my services and heart to people who needed it. I saw the value of community and being there for each other from The Point. It was done for me and changed my life. I wanted to do my best to pay love and support forward. For by helping one person at a time... we change the world.

I see my 10 lb “Plate” and I remember what is really important in this world. At the end of the day... We all die. This body no matter how fit and healthy eventually goes into the ground... So what lives on? What Matters Is How We Influence One Another.

It’s up to each of us, in and out of the gym, to decide how we get to be with one another. For how we treat each other has a ripple effect and you don’t know who it will influence and what kind of effect you will have.

So Step Up To The Plate! Do your best! Rise to the Occasion! And where ever you go... Be The Change You Wish To See!

Now life is crazy and I can’t guarantee I will always be at The Point. And Physically I may lose strength... but what The Point gave me Internally I will carry and value for the rest of my life.

Nettie Nielsen

We love you Nettie and I am so happy to have you back from your mission and back into the gym. I am excited to see, as you are now engaged to be married, what the future holds for you. Thank you for sharing with us your experience and I am so grateful for you and also for all of you members. You make a difference in those around you every day. Just keep on being the kind and giving individuals that you are!Coach Dan

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