Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.4.2018

November 6, 2020

Good Evening CFTP!I wanted to jot down a few words today. First of all... How bout these first two weeks of the open?! So much fun to see you all compete and work.On that note. I was having the conversation with one of our athletes and the subject of redoing the open WODs came up. Now, I have been thinking a lot about this and here are my two cents on repeating workouts.Should you repeat an open workout? That is a great question. In year's past I have done the workout twice almost every single week. I would do it Thursday or Friday night and then come in on Sunday or Monday and give it another go. During those attempts I noticed a pattern began to emerge for me. On my first attempt, I noticed myself mentally checking out for a bit when the WOD got tough. I noticed telling myself, "it's ok, I'll have another go at this in a couple of days. I'll use this as a "trial" run".This is the trap I think we might fall into when we plan on repeating the workout. Notice, I said when we plan on redoing the workout. If we go into attempt one knowing we're just going to do it again, then we may not give 100% on our initial attempt. To me this is the wrong way to look at it. I believe that when we go into an open workout or any competition workout, we should pour our hearts into the workout. We should give our best effort. This is why I feel like Friday Night Lights has become important to me as an athlete. I love the atmosphere and I can get myself up for the workout with my friends cheering me on.Now, with the above being said. Am I saying that you shouldn't ever repeat an open WOD? Absolutely not! Take my 17.1 Workout for example. Some of you may remember how I bonked hard on Friday Night Lights. I went into the workout and made the mistake of coming out of the gate too hot for that type of workout and I knew that if I redid it, I would get a better score because I had learned from my mistake the first round.So, in summary, on your first attempt in any open workout, GIVE 100%! Strategize and push yourself to your limit. Do everything you can to get your best score possible on your first attempt. If you do this, I believe many of us will surprise ourselves at just how much better we will do. Now, if after you have given it your all and after the workout is done, you realize you definitely could fix this and that and the other and you believe that you can learn from your first attempt to improve your second attempt then go for it! Go out there and improve that score.If you are repeating tomorrow's workout, you have until 6 PM to submit your new score. If you have completed your workout already but have not submitted your score, DO IT NOW!Coach Dan

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