Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.6.2016

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP,I have been loving this past couple of weeks. I love watching all of you push yourself past your limits... There are a couple of people in particular I'd like to spotlight today. First one is Kim Le. She completed this week's 16.2 in the scaled division and finished with a score of 257. A great score for anyone but the coolest thing for me was how she finished. She finished with completing 4 squat cleans at 95#. This was a PR for Kim. It was so cool to see her get to that point and still push to get a new max on her clean 4 TIMES!!!


The second person I'd like to spotlight today is one person we all know well. His name is JJ Peterson. Obviously we all know and love JJ for all he did for Ray on the show Fit to Fat to Fit. He is a wonderful example of someone who cares for other people and wants to see them successful. That is not what I want to spotlight him here for. JJ has been with us for just over a year and JJ has always been known for his cardio strength. He has abs for days and a motor that doesn't stop. Saturday was the day where JJ's strength took a step forward and overshadowed his endurance. JJ was able to get to the 225# bar and complete 3 reps. For me, this was a huge step in his progression as an athlete. To see him step up and perform a beautiful clean while fatigued was inspiring. I am proud of this man.


The third person that I want to talk about today is Erica Carpenter. She has been the silent killer. Every time she comes in she works so hard and it was so inspiring to see some of that hard work show through on Friday night. She really took on 16.2 like a bull out of the gate. She pushed hard and ended up with a 345 (scaled) score. That's 4 reps at 115#! It was so inspiring to see her kill those weights!


The final thing I'd like to touch on today is the performance of three of our Barbell Club members. David Martinez, Adam Carpenter, and Steve Arnoldus. Yesterday they all stepped up and completed their powerlifting meet like warriors. The improvement these three of seen in the past year while attending our powerlifting class has been inspiring. Here's what their numbers have looked like over the past year:


David Martinez-Back Squat - 365 to 435-Bench Press - 275 to 305-Deadlift - 405 to 440

Adam Carpenter-Back Squat - 305 to 405-Deadlift - 405 to 457

Steve Arnoldus-Back Squat - 405 to 463-Bench Press - 215 to 300-Deadlift - 424 to 483

Now that is impressive! How have they been so successful? They have put in the extra work and were consistent in attending Coach Jeremy (Charms) Clifford's powerlifting class on Tuesday nights. We are so lucky to have one of the best powerlifting coaches in the state at our box to teach us how to back squat, bench press and deadlift. Thank you Coach Charms for all your hard work.

I want all of you to benefit from what we are offering at The Point. Every Tuesday we have Coach Charms at 7:45 PM coaching those three lifts above. Every Wednesday night at 7:45 PM we have Coach Jenny Schumacher coaching us on the Clean, the Jerk, the Snatch. Every Thursday night we are going over skills (usually gymnastic skills) to help improve your performance in the box. I have sought out these people and have brought them in because I care about you improving and getting stronger but the only way you will ever see any benefit from these amazing coaches is if you attend their classes religiously.

Once again, I am super proud of all of you who have accomplished so much and are doing amazing things. I am grateful for you all pushing yourselves to new levels and putting yourself into uncomfortable situations, i.e. signing up for the open, in order to progress and achieve new heights.

Can't wait to watch what the next 3 weeks brings. It is so cool to see who steps up week to week.

Coach Dan

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