Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 3.8.2020

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon Point Fitness!

This month of March we are rewarding you all for sharing what you have found. Over the last 8 years we have been able to grow and improve because our awesome members have brought in such amazing people.

What is this promotion?
This promotion is simple. If you bring in a friend and that friend signs up for either the Group Fitness monthly pass or the CrossFit monthly pass in the month of March, they get a discount and you get paid! THERE IS NO LIMIT!
It doesn't matter if you are currently signed up with a CrossFit membership, a Group Fitness membership or an Ultimate Unlimited membership, if you bring in a friend and they sign up for the Group Fitness class, you automatically get $35 off your next month... If they sign up for CrossFit, you get $50 off your next month! Not only that, your friend that signs up gets that same discount off of their first month!

Granite Games
We had two teams represent us at yesterday's Granite Games competition. They both were great representatives and our ladies even came out with some 1st place honors!!!

Thank you Cami Taylor, Megan Burr, Lindsay Winn, TJ Winn, Brandon "Slim" Heaps, and Eric Nelson for representing The Point! If you see them around this week, let them know how proud we are of them!

2020 Lockdown
Friday Night Lights was a blast this past Friday. Thank you to everyone who showed up to workout and to cheer. I love the atmosphere in these events.
You have until the end of day tomorrow, Monday, to get your week 4 score completed.
This has been so much fun and I have loved seeing the sportsmanship and the effort put in.
Shirts will be here this week!

Final Thoughts
There were a lot of great moments this past Friday night but the one that sticks out to me is when Annelisa Sohm got her first pull-up. It was amazing!
I talked with her after and her comment really struck me, "I didn't think I could get one, I have never tried."
Annelisa comes everyday and puts in a lot of hard work and earned that pull-up but I think we all underestimate what we are capable of. We build up this doubt in our minds about certain things and because of that doubt we never try.
I want to challenge everyone to push past that doubt and try something you don’t think you can do. Overcome the doubt and you will find that you are capable of more than you thought possible.

Coach Dan

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