Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.10.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Evening CFTP,Sorry for the late post. Busy day. Great job this past week. It was so awesome to see so many PRs on Thursday when we did our max Clean and Jerk and Grace. I love seeing the progress and it is cool to see how you all continue to get fitter and fitter every week.CrossFit is defined as "constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity." In order to measure the effectiveness of programming we repeat our workouts. If the programming is effective then our athletes should be improving in all areas of fitness. The only way to measure against past results is if we record our results daily. Today's topic is going to be on programming. Programming WODs is more than just throwing together random workouts and hoping it makes you all fitter.In my latest level 2 training guide it had this to say. "Regardless, effective programming cannot be random. Although CrossFit programming appears random to some due to its non-linear and non-formulaic pattern, its variety is a result of a planned attempt to address all fitness tests. This does not happen by the luck of the draw."You may or may not have noticed that I have recently been repeating workouts almost weekly. Sometimes they are named workouts like "Grace" and sometimes they are a workout we performed in earlier months. With our new RhinoFit Software we are able to now record our workouts with ease. There have always been other ways to record your workouts but with this new in house software we are now able to all be recording in the same system and it makes it easier for me to go back and see how you all are improving.Another awesome tool that CrossFit has given us is the CrossFit Open. As your programmer I can now look at how we performed as an affiliate this past Open and adjust the programming to better prepare you for upcoming competitions.When talking about variance in programming it is important to get an all around outlook on fitness. If you program too many heavy days then you're missing out on intensity and endurance and in contrast if all you do is cardio and endurance your missing out on strength and explosion. As your programmer it is my job to ensure that you get the variance necessary to attack your weaknesses whether it be strength or endurance.Another important thing to consider when programming is that within our box we have many levels of athletes. It is important that when we program we are able to scale for those who are unable to complete the movement as prescribed. When I program I do my best to challenge the top athletes in the gym while still challenging those who will need to scale. While I will admit this is quite a task I believe that the scaling movements we have incorporated at The Point have brought about great progressive success over the years. If I ever see a better way to scale I will always bring that in and work that into our workouts.Sometimes athletes feel they need extra work on their weaknesses after a WOD. I am totally on board with this. I love seeing you staying after or coming in later to conquer your weaknesses and to put in the extra work necessary to become your best self. The beautiful thing about CrossFit is that in 1 hour a day you can become a more fit individual as long as you are consistent. The problem though is that 1 hour a day won't make you a competitive athlete. For those who have aspirations to make it to regionals or to make it to the games or even just to perform better in local competitions you're going to have to put in extra work to get there. You're going to need to join us on nights that we have Coach Charms and Coach Jenny coming in to help you on your powerlifting and Olympic Lifting skills. You're going to need to join us on nights that we provide extra skills work. Some of you can't make those night classes so staying after your class to hit a few weaknesses will be the key for you.This is an overview of what is going on in my mind as I program the WODs day in and day out. I prepare your workouts with you in mind. I don't take programming from other sources and just copy and paste. The programming I provide for you is for you. It is for The Point. You will see that at times I get to name calling a bit... (i.e Thursday) calling people cherry pickers. This isn't because I am upset but more than anything it's because I love to see you all challenged. I love to see you all struggle. I love to see you all take on something that you hate. Why? Because when you do these things you improve. When you come in on overhead squat day even though all you have been able to do in the past was a pvc... When you come in on a metabolic conditioning day when all you love to do is lift weights... When you come in on a max day when you only love to do light weight WODs... This tells me that you are trying. This shows to me that you are willing to challenge yourself and you are ready to become better.I love programming. I love putting up challenges to see you all surpass my expectations. Keep up the good work and challenge yourself. Commit to coming in every day this week. Believe that you can do it.Coach Dan

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