Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.12.2020

November 6, 2020

Happy Easter!
I hope you all are enjoying your Easter weekend with your family. So grateful for this season.

Support Your Local Box Fundraiser
Week 1 was so fun! If you didn't complete the week 1 workout and submit it on, there is still time! You have until the end to join in on the fun.
If you joined in already and donated, don't forget to add #ryourogue hashtag in your leaderboard hashtags to double your donation!
I can't see what is donated and who donated what as of now but for those of you have donated, THANK YOU! Also, I wanted to let you know my plan for any donation we might receive. Every penny that is donated through this fundraiser will go directly into improving the gym. I have goals and plans to do some fun things with the gym while we are away and I plan to use these funds to help accomplish those goals. So thank you for making it possible. I really hope you all like the additions we have planned... Just hope we can get it all done!
Week 2 workout has been announced. If you didn't see what it was, go to to check it out. I'll also be posting it tonight with a video.
We will have a throwdown for all of us to watch Monday night at 8:30 pm! This week, we are going to watch our lady trainers go at it! Jump on Facebook live to watch this epic throwdown!

Week 3 Quarateam winners announced
Team Winner... "What's The Point?" Wins again!!! Another week of 20% off product!!! Come one teams... Who's going to knock this team off the top?
1. What's The Point? - 390 Points
2. One Heart, Six Feet Apart - 332 Points
3. Mic Check - 317 Points
4. Jacked out of the Box - 218 Points
5. Covid Ops - 217 Points
6. Team HUG (Hidden Underground Gym) - 198 Points
7. Going the Social Distance - 124 Points
8. Highsolation - 14 Points

Individual Winner
Coach Kannon Howerton!!! You win the Point Fitness Bundle: 1 CSE Protein, 1 Perk Energy, and 1 Offbeat Butter or $90 credit to the store

Week 4 Challenge
I am working on a new challenge but I wasn't able to get it put together for this week, so expect that next week!
For this week we will have the following ways to earn points:
Join zoom class: 5 Points
Enter workout into SugarWOD: 1 Point
Run at least 1 mile or walk 30 minutes: 1 Point
Post on Social media tagging gym: 1 Point
No Candy/Soda for the day: 1 Point

Side Challenge
This past week we did longest outdoor run. This coming week we are going to do another running challenge but it is going to be total distance ran all week! Here are the rules!
1. Starts Monday.
2. Any and all running counts but it's got to be tracked. Yes, treadmill running will count!
3. Running done in workouts count but must be recorded in SugarWOD.
5. When posting on social media please use the hashtag #pfrunningchallenge so it's easy for me to find it. I really love seeing your public posts!
6. All distances must be recorded daily in SugarWOD.
Prize is going to be a Point Fitness Myofacial Roller or 2 butters or a tub of Perk.

Having to stay home and having everyday feel like Groundhog Day can put a damper on our motivation. Yesterday I got up with no motivation to do any kind of workout. I found myself hoping for nobody to log onto Zoom so I could just go back to bed.
I jumped on and there was Coach LaDee... Dang it! Then Robbie and Kassy jumped on. As we got warmed up I started to get excited to do the workout. As I finished, I was so grateful that I had a group of friends to work out with. Coach LaDee, Robbie and Kassy all motivated me to be better and to push harder.
We all need that and you all have access to that through the zoom classes and our gym family. If you haven't jumped onto zoom, please do. I know it is different and out of your comfort zone but it really is awesome. You get to see your friends and get to sweat with each other and talk to each other. You get to share your experiences with Covid-19 and just get out of the exhausting day to day monotony.

I miss all of you. Come join me in the zoom classes. I want to see your face and I want you to stay active during this time so when we get back together we won't miss a step!

Coach Dan

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