Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.14.2019

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP,What a great week this past week! We had visits from CrossFit idols and an amazing competition put on by one of our own, Erik Bowman. First off, congratulations Erik on putting on an amazing competition.Let's talk about yesterday first. Yesterday we had 10 teams compete! 10!!! We had someone in almost every heat! It was so fun to compete along side all of you. Everyone who competed yesterday did an amazing job. Many PRs and so much hard work put in. Super impressed and inspired to watch some of you compete for the first time. It was a big stage and you all did a wonderful job.

Congrats to two of our scaled teams who were able to finish on the Podium! Great job ladies! It really was a competition to remember.HUGE SHOUTOUT TO THE VOLUNTEERS! CrossFit The Point definitely had the lion's share of the volunteers helping out at the event. Like always, you all never disappoint. Without the incredible volunteers, none of this would have happened and it is so exhausting to be a volunteer and judge. Thank you so much for showing what CrossFit The Point is all about. Also, thank you for showing up in numbers, therefore allowing me to participate as an athlete again.I finally got the results in from our 2019 Quarter 1 Dexabody Challenge! Here are your winners!Females:#1 Alicia Deibert: We all saw Alicia transform before our very eyes and her hard work in the kitchen and consistency in the gym paid off big time! She had a 38% change in body composition! She dropped her body fat percentage down 12.6% in 3 months! She dropped over 20 pounds of fat all while gaining 7 pounds of muscle. That is truly incredible. Congratulations Alicia! Your spoils equal $280!#2 Nicole Watson: Just like Alicia, I saw the change in Nicole way before I saw her changes on paper. Nicole had a 19.9% change in body composition! She dropped her body fat percentage down 7.5% during this challenge! Nicole dropped 13 pounds of fat and gained over 5 pounds of muscle! Congratulations Nicole! Your spoils equal $168!#3 Michelle Twilley: Michelle comes every day and works out hard and really watches what she eats. Michelle had a 5.6% change and dropped her percentage down 1.7%. Michelle lost 2 pounds of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle! Goes to show you that your scale lies! Your spoils come out to $112!All these girls gained muscle and lost fat. That is incredibly hard to do. Great job ladies!Males:#1 Caleb Deibert: The Deiberts went two for two this challenge! Taking the number one spot for both the men and women. Caleb had a 30% change in body fat! He dropped his fat percentage 9.9%, all while gaining 2 pounds of muscle and dropping 29 pounds of fat! WOW! Your winnings come to $200!#2 Mark Altmyer: The ever shrinking man Mark Altmyer! Mark won last challenge and came in second this challenge with a change of 24.5%! Mark dropped his body fat percentage 5.6%. He lost another 13 pounds of fat and gained another 3 pounds of muscle! Your winning come to $120.#3 Jordan Mower: Mower, the running machine! His extra work pounding the pavement paid off with a 3rd place finish. Mower had am 18.9% change dropping his percentage down 4.9%. He lost 9 pounds of fat and gained 13 pounds of muscle! You win $80!WOW! Congratulations to our dexabody winners! Quarter 2 has already begun. If you would like to join the next quarter please respond to this email or comment on the upcoming Facebook post in the group. The cost to enter is $40 to the pot and the winners get the pot at the end of the quarter. If you already scanned within the last couple of weeks you are good to go. I will allow people to scan still as long as the scan is complete by this Wednesday. Let me know if you have questions.

Today's Spotlight is just praise after praise after praise. I finally want to congratulate #teamgreen again on their Intramural win and let you know... Your cups have arrived! They will be available to grab starting tomorrow! Make sure to mark your name as you take them.

Seriously incredible things happening at the box. Between the changes happening in all of your bodies, to the personal records being set, to those of you competing on a weekly basis. I am honored to have a front row seat to it all. Thank you for putting your trust in us to move you closer and closer to your fitness goals. We take this role very seriously and I look forward to the upcoming week of fitness!Coach Dan

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