Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.17.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP,I have a couple of announcements that I'd like to start with. First of all we have exciting news. We are starting a 10:30 AM Bootcamp (metcon) WOD on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting May 2nd. This hour will be a no barbell more cardio based workout. The workouts will be a bit longer and will be mostly body weight movements along with some kettle bell and medicine ball movements. This class will be open to all unlimited members. We are also opening up a new membership that will be a bootcamp only membership that will be only for the 10:30 Bootcamp WODs on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. The bootcamp only membership will be $99/month. So if you have friends who have been looking to join CrossFit but are intimidated by the barbell movements or if they are just looking for a little more cardio based workout then please share this exciting news with them. I am really excited to be able to be offering this to all of you.The second announcement is regarding our babysitting hours. MWF 8:30 and now 10:30 and everyday at 9:30. These morning hours will have a babysitter present. Before we got the new software system we charged $10/month to use the babysitter hours. Now that I have figured out the system I will be bringing this back but it will be $5/kid/month. So I will be putting out a sign up sheet on my front desk for you to fill out so I know what I need to charge your account. Starting in May we will be adding a babysitting fee to all members who use the babysitter hours to help with the cost of the babysitter. Please let me know if you have any questions about either of these announcements.I finally want to finish today off with a huge shout out to all of our competitors this past weekend. We had people racing, competing, learning, and lifting all over this past weekend. Congrats to Chelsea Zorn for completing her second half marathon this year. Adam and Erica Carpenter just finished their first half marathon this year in Florida! Shayne Day competed in Sean Sweeny's Powerstroke Classic and finished 3rd against some very strong competition. Jason Judd went down south to Spanish Fork to compete in the Festivus Games and PR'd his thruster at 215#! TJ Winn and Jeff Wheeler went and Deadlifted at the Conquer Event that was put on by Ironground Gym to help fund the foundation Quit Trip'n who are raising awareness about the travesty of suicide. There, Wheeler lifted 545# to tie is pre injury max and TJ Winn finished with a 585# Deadlift for a 20# PR.Finally we had a big group sharpen up their gymnastics skills at the Gymnastics clinic put on by Tiffany Hendrickson. We had 6 of our peeps, LaDee, Trisha, Rachelle, Cammie, Steve, and Leslie, go and learn how to become better gymnasts.I hope I didn't miss anyone. It is amazing what our CFTP peeps are doing. You all are going out and doing great things with the fitness you have developed in the gym. It is so fun for me to see you all push yourselves to commit to these events. The coolest thing about all this is that you didn't need me to urge you to sign up. Every one of these events you decided you wanted to do it and you did it amazingly. You are committed to accomplishing great things and you are doing it every day.Thank you all for your continual commitment to greatness.Coach Dan

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