Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.21.2019

November 6, 2020

Happy Easter CFTP,I hope everyone is enjoying this Easter weekend with their families and friends.I want to make this spotlight quick but I believe it's something very important. I want you to take a look at this picture and tell me what you see:

I'll tell you what I see... I see an athlete who was pushing through exhaustion. I see an athlete who just gave 100%. But the biggest thing I see is this:

EVERY SINGLE PERSON IS CHEERING! Everybody is yelling at the top of their lungs for this athlete. Hands raised high as he finishes the workout. This athlete didn't win the heat. This athlete didn't podium. What this athlete did was give 100 percent and we all acknowledged the effort. It was inspiring and everyone in the room gained something from this experience.Every day we put a lot of hard work in at the gym. We give our 100 percent. Sometimes we finish first, sometimes we finish last but the thing that I hope we never forget is that we all finish together.I understand that this situation was magnified because it was a competition setting but that doesn't mean we can't replicate this enthusiasm for our fellow athletes on a daily basis. If we finish before our classmates, we should catch our breath and go cheer on our friends. They are still working hard. They are still giving their 100 percent and we owe it to them to cheer them on to finish.Lately I have noticed more and more of us are finishing and cleaning up and leaving before our fellow classmates have finished. I understand, on a rare occasion, we have to rush out but how hard would it be to stay five more minutes and cheer on your friends? Our classes go for an hour and we will finish the class before the hour is up. Stick around for a minute, cheer on your friends, use the time cheering to rollout or stretch as you encourage your classmates to hit the next lift or finish the last run.I've been on the receiving end of this encouragement and it meant the world to me and I know you all have felt the push from your classmates. Let's make a concerted effort to bring this atmosphere to our classes. Be the reason someone finishes their workout. Be the reason someone comes back the next day encouraged to hit his/her goals. Be the difference in someone's life by cheering and encouraging them onto victory.Coach Dan

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