Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.26.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,

Had an amazing time with all of you who made it out to Beast Mode last night. Something about hard work in a down pour of rain with amazing peeps that just brightens up my life. So proud of Coach Charms and Hillary Waldron for their performance at the Powerlifting meet yesterday. Also for the show Shayne put on at the StrongMan area. It is amazing the diversity we have at The Point. We are lucky as athletes to be surrounded by such talent. I am grateful that we have access to amazing people that can teach us how to become better and stronger.

On that note I want to give a huge thank you to Coach Keagan Barnes. For the past few months he has been making a difference with our athletes and their Olympic Lifting goals. He is now using his time to become better at his passion of rugby but what he has done for those who have attended his classes has been amazing. So huge thank you to him.

With Keagan leaving the coaching arena we have another stepping in to continue us down the path of excellence. After this final week of Coach Keagan, Coach Taylor Chiu will be taking the reigns. Taylor's classes will be on Wednesday nights at 6:45 PM. We will be charging an additional $10 a month to attend Taylor's Olympic Lifting classes. Here is why we are so lucky to have Coach Taylor join us at The Point. Here is a little bit about Taylor:


Taylor Chiu has been doing Olympic-style Weightlifting for about 10 years now, and is always looking to improve. He has experience in coaching, and is looking forward to improving weightlifting for athletes everywhere!Here are his numbers:

This past weekend he competed at Fitcon Utah and these were his most recent Olympic Lifting numbers:120 kg (264 lbs) snatch and 155 kg (341 lbs) clean & jerk PR, for a 275 kg (605 lbs) PR total and 1st place on body weight! His body weight class was 94 kg (206.8 lbs).At Fitcon we had individuals at StrongMan, Powerlifting, and CrossFit compete and I love seeing people use what they did in the gym and compete. I would love to see us start to compete on the Olympic Lifting scene. I know we have the capability and strength at The Point. The numbers we put up are competitive and I hope with Taylor coming in to tweak our form we will become even more confident to venture into the Olympic Lifting world.Talk to me this week if you are interested in adding Olympic Lifting to your membership. I know I will be there for sure! I am right now making it so Wednesday nights are available for myself to be there. You won't want to miss this!Coach Dan

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