Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.26.2020

November 6, 2020

Good morning!

Such a great week of zoom classes and extra challenges. I really hope you all enjoyed the extra #800gchallenge! Many of you grabbed hold and I hope you physically felt the changes as you added 800 grams of fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Team Challenge winners
The team with the most points this week is...
"What's The Point?"
1. What's The Point - 414
2. One Heart, Six Feet Apart - 406
3. Mic Check - 295
4. Jacked out of the Box - 282
5. Team HUG - 223
6. Covid - Ops - 140
7. Going the Social Distance - 87
8. Team Highsolation - N/A

Individual Winner is...
Krishelle Butterfield!
Top 3 point getters:
1. Krishelle Butterfield - 94 Points
2. Karissa Jackson - 87 Points
3. Amber Casillas - 75 Points

It really came down to who hit their #800gchallenge each day and some added bonuses with bringing friends into the classes! Congrats ladies and Team "What's The Point?"

This Week's Challenge
We're going to maintain the same scoring system this week with the same prizes! Keep it up... If you haven't started the #800gchallenge yet, make it a priority this week! It's a simple way to better your diet without the restrictions of a typical diet. To learn more about this challenge, all details can be found in the SugarWOD app.

Limited edition Shirts available
To show our appreciation to those of who have united around us during this time, we have created a shirt to honor all of you.
We are going to take a page out of CrossFit headquarters playbook and will be giving 3 options on purchasing this shirt so all can get one regardless of their situations.
1. Free option
2. At cost option - $10 (To cover costs of creating your shirt)
3. $30 option for those who can and are willing and able to help out and contribute to the gym as we try to rebuild and recover from this pandemic.

These shirts were created by our amazing Steve Arnoldus. If you are looking for logo or brand creation, look no further than within our gym family. Steve is flat out amazing.

How to Order?
Go into your Push Press Member's app and log into Pre-Orders. If it doesn't look like the below pictures, shut down the app and log back in.
After you get into pre-orders, you will be able to scroll down to the option you choose and you will select your size shirt. Make sure you select the correct size shirt.

CFTP United
We chose the CFTP United theme because of the support we have felt from all of you. This has been a hard time for all of us to different degrees but being buoyed up by our community has helped myself see the silver lining and see a possible blue sky breaking through the clouds.
I wanted to provide the discount and free options to those of you who have lost your jobs or had your hours cut back and provided the $30 option so we can help subsidize for those who might be in a tough situation. We can all still wear these shirts with pride knowing we are in this together.
I believe we are close to opening up our doors in some capacity and then comes the recovery period. We need you all more than ever to help rebuild and build up our gym. We need to stand united and bring our friends and family into our gym family. I think people realize now more than ever the importance of always staying healthy and prepared for anything.
This disease has especially attacked those most vulnerable among us and I believe it is the duty of Point Fitness/CrossFit The Point to help make people healthier and more prepared for what might come in the future.

Love you all and I can't wait to see all of you in person in the near future!

Coach Dan

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