Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 4.5.2020

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon my gym family,

What a great week. I am so grateful for all of you and your support during this time. We hope that you are enjoying the extra competitions and effort we are putting into the zoom classes and team competitions.

Week 2 Team Competition and Individual winners
We have a repeat winning team! Congratulations to "What's The Point?" with another team win! Your 20% discount has been extended another week! Come get some supplements, rollers, shirts and whatever else we have behind our front desk! We are open weekdays 11-1.

Team week 2 results
1. "What's The Point?" - 399 points
2. "One Heart, Six Feet Apart" - 346 points
3. "Covid Ops" - 286 points
4. "Jacked Out of The Box" - 245 points
5. "Going the Social Distance" -220 Points
6. "Mic Check" - 217 points
7. "Team HUG" - 116 points
8. "Highsolation" - 53 points

Individual Top 3
1. Amber Casillas - 84 points
2. Helen Gardner - 75 points
3. Ashley Sanders - 62 points

Congratulations Amber!!! Come get your Point Fitness Bundle!

This week's extra point challenge
Log your "Support your local box" score on the Games website: 10 points
Run 1 mile or more or walk 30 minutes or more: 1 point/day completed
Eat protein in every meal: 1 point/day completed

Support your local box competition
I am super excited to have a competition that we can do from home. This is a free competition that I want all to join. Every Friday, CrossFit headquarters will announce a workout to be completed. This will run for 3 weeks and we will enter in our scores and see how we stack up within the gym and around the world.
This is free with an optional donation that will be distributed to a box of your choice. A donation isn't necessary. I just want everyone to jump on and join us in this fun online competition.
I will be programming the workout every Monday, so you will be able to do it together in our zoom classes.
In addition to programming it on Monday, I will be putting a couple of athletes together to complete this workout Sunday night live on Facebook live in our group! This will be done through zoom and cast to Facebook live!
Tonight's competition will be between Coach Zach Lake and Me! We will be going head to head tonight at 7 PM! Come cheer us on and let's start this off with a bang!
If you would like to jump in as a competitor on next week's live competition, please let me know and we will get you set up to compete next week.
You can go to to sign up and learn more about this competition.

Zoom Classes
Zoom has changed their settings to require passwords when you sign into a class. We will be keeping our same room but you must enter the following password:
Workout of the Day and specialty classes: cftp
Bootcamp/Burn Classes: 020214

Currently we are going through a unique time. Worry and fear of the future can paralyze us and make it so we can't see past the next day or even next hour.
This worry can lead us to depression and lack of motivation. I would be lying if I didn't say this situation hasn't, at times, caused me to want to lay around and do nothing because there seemed to be no end in sight.
I want you all to do an exercise that helps me. I like to look back to the past and the great memories I've had with all of you and then also look forward to the future. Looking a year, 3 years, or 5 years into the future and realizing that this is just a short period of time.
This Covid-19 and subsequent quarantine will pass. We must use this time to be positive. It's going to happen whether we have a negative or a positive outlook on life. Look for the positive in what is going on. Spend more time with your family. Keep your mind occupied by working on things around your house. Call old friends and check on them. And for crying out loud, JOIN US IN OUR ZOOM CLASSES! I need to see you and I can guarantee that your mind will thank you for the hour distraction these classes will give to you.

Let's keep our heads up and work to be part of the solution. Be a positive influence in those around you.

Coach Dan

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