Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.1.2016

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP,Another great week of training capped by an even better competition. We put our stamp all over Fitcon this past weekend. We had 2 powerlifters, 1 Olympic lifter, a team and two individuals in the CrossFit comp. I wish I had the whole weekend just to hang out and watch all these stellar athletes perform. I am super grateful for all of you who are willing to represent The Point in these various competitions. It means a lot to me to see you compete and use what we have taught and worked at outside the gym.I am always amazed at what our athletes can do. The CrossFit competition was against some of the best in the state and our peeps held their own and actually improved with every WOD they completed. They never let down and they supported each other the whole time. Not only that but the support from the gym was tremendous. Everywhere I looked I saw our peeps cheering them on and giving them advice.Then you move over to our Powerlifting Coach qualifying for Worlds with his lifts... We truly are surrounded by so many amazing athletes that we can't help but succeed.This week is exciting because we are rolling out our very first "Bootcamp" Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning) type class. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30 AM we will have this class. This class will be a no barbell class. We will not be touching the barbell and we will be working on more endurance workouts that are longer than the typical CrossFit workout. In this class you will see running, rowing, kettle bells, slam balls, medicine balls, TRX bands, gymnastic movements, box jumps, sled pushes... and a myriad of other movements. The purpose of this class is to help build endurance and also to provide a workout for those who are newer to CrossFit or people who feel they are uncomfortable with the barbell movements but still like the CrossFit format.This class is open to any current unlimited members. We will also be providing a second membership option for individuals who prefer to do just this class. That membership will be at a discount of $99/month. We all know people out there who are intimidated by the barbell movements or have chosen not to include those movements into their workout routines. Barbell movements aren't an everyday global gym movement that we have all done our whole lives so they can be intimidating at first.I am excited to open this class up because we can do so much without a barbell. I am excited that we will be able to bring in more people to join our community who are looking for something a little different. Please share this new option with your friends. I can't wait to provide this extra service at The Point.Coach Dan

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