Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.10.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Another fun week has come and gone with another awesome week to come. Yesterday was a blast at the Nate and Shaunie Wedding Beastmode. Thank you all that came out and threw down with us. I love the Saturday nights I get to spend with you. Be ready for more of those in the future.Huge congratulations to our newly weds in the gym, Mitch and Heather Hensley! They are off on their honeymoon and I want to wish them the best of luck. It's so awesome to see two of our members tie the knot.Wednesday night Olympic Lifting class with Taylor Chiu was a huge success. I am so excited for us to have the professionalism that Taylor brings to the table. He brings experience to the class which will help us all toward our Olympic Lifting goals. If you are available Wednesday nights I highly recommend this class. I expect to see huge PRs in the near future for all those people who consistently attend.Finally, We have 17 people signed up for the Lurong Summertime Challenge! There is still time for you to sign up. I will be announcing when measurements will be taken as soon as we nail down a time. Amy will be sending you all an email with this upcoming week's meal plans so be looking out for that. The challenge starts tomorrow so get on there tonight if you haven't signed up yet. You can go here to check out details and sign up. Lurong Living Summertime Challenge.


Coach LaDee and Delaney picture on the CrossFit Main site. LOOK AT THOSE SHOULDERS!!!

Congratulations to Coach LaDee and Delaney for the photo that CrossFit headquarters posted on their main site. The reason I wanted to mention that is we all see what LaDee does in the gym but to look the way LaDee looks and to perform the way LaDee performs takes a lot more than just coming in everyday and working out. It takes dedication in the kitchen. With this Lurong Challenge it will help kickstart you toward your goals. I see you all give 100 percent in the gym. Don't shortchange yourself by not putting in the effort outside the gym. Live healthy, work hard and I know you will reach your goals.Coach Dan

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