Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.12.2019

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP and Happy Mother's Day!I hope you al are having a wonderful day! A couple of quick announcements.HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE STRONG WOMEN OF CROSSFIT THE POINT!First of all, I want to express my frustration and sympathy for those who were planning on attending the Rockwell Championships. Very disappointing turn of events. I hope you all got your refunds back. With the Rockwell Championships no longer happening on May 31st and June 1st, I decided we should throw a little throwdown competition of our own! So on Friday night, May 31st, starting at 5 PM, we will be doing our own throwdown! This will be a $20 or $25 buy-in. The $25 buy-in will include a shirt that is currently behind my desk or peeps can choose to just buy into the competition. $15 of each entry will be put into the pot for the winners. As far as the divisions go... I need your help. We will definitely do an Rx and a Scaled but I only want to do one of two choices:3 person same sex team divisionsIndividual divisionsI'll throw a vote on our Facebook page. I also need a name suggestion that we can call it! Would love all of your suggestions!This will be a fun Friday night competing with friends! Even if you weren't in the Rockwell comp before, you can participate in this throwdown.Next, I want to put out a reminder about the Summer Swag Collection! If you haven't ordered yet, you have until Tuesday night at 11:59 PM! I will be shutting off the surveys at that point and putting the orders in on Wednesday.Here are the shirt options so you can see them all in one place and I will place the links below these pics!

CFTP Trucker Hats:'s Shirts:'s Shirts: final thoughts today.BurnoutBurnout is a real thing. Over the past few months and really ever since I opened up CrossFit The Point, I've had athletes approach me and express a need to take a month off from the gym for no other reason than that they feel they physically and mentally needed to rest from the high intensity workouts. I totally get it! Just this past winter, I had a period of time that I was just done. I felt like my body was done and mentally I needed a break. Now for me, I have to be at the gym everyday anyways and so I am usually able to break out of the funk through feeding off of all of you but that's not the case for everyone.Here's my suggestion. If you feel like you are getting burned out, change things up at the gym. It's ok to come in and modify the workouts a bit to give your body a break. How I did it is I decided that I would still come in and do the workouts like always but I would adjust the movements while still participating in the class. Just like we modify weights to fit our abilities, sometimes we need a period of time where we adjust them even further to help us break out of the funk. This is totally fine!Another athlete purchased a 10 punch pass and used that pass over the period of 6 weeks and once they finished it they felt ready to come back full time. It was just enough time for them to still keep most of what they gained in the gym but also was able to give themselves a break.What I don't suggest you do is take a full break from The Point. Usually what happens with the "one month breaks" is it turns into 2 and then 3 and for some it turns into them not coming back. I then run into these people outside of the gym and I can tell and they also tell me straight up that they had lost so many gains. It makes me so sad because I know how hard you all work to get to where you are today. I hate seeing a little burnout period ruin what you have gained. Some of you have taken those breaks and know firsthand how it goes.So, if you are feeling burned out. Still come in. Adjust the workouts as needed. Feed off of our CFTP family to motivate you to break out of your slump. When we hit this valleys, we have CFTP family hitting some peaks. Feed off them and when you are hitting your peaks, motivate others in the valley!Coach DanHere's our thoughts from Coach LaDee:"Just the reminder of not only my incredible Mom, but all the women in my life who have loved me, mentored me, forgiven me, held me accountable and laughed with me. Too many of you all to mention but you know whom you are! Love you all!❤️❤️❤️❤️"

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