Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.19.2019

November 6, 2020

Good morning CFTP!I am super excited about today's spotlight. We have a huge announcement!!! But first a reminder...We are hosting a throwdown called "The Contingency Plan Throwdown" on Friday, May 31st. This is to fill the void the Rockwell Championships left when they backed out of their competition. The competition is a $50 buy-in for each team of 3. The divisions are 3 person same sex teams, Rx and Scaled. We are only taking a limited amount of competitors and have received a lot of interest. We want this competition to be a fun small comp and would love to have lots of CFTP participation. We will also need volunteers to help us judge. The competition will be one night only and will run from 5 to about 9 PM. Please let me know if you have a team you'd like to enter or if you are available as a judge.Now... THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! As many of you know, Emily, Aubrey, Dave and myself have been on the search for a new space for quite a few years. We have visited probably 20 different locations and have had multiple locations slip through our fingers for one reason or another but now... WE HAVE FOUND A NEW HOME!!!

I tried attaching our little video but it was too big... So I'll have to attach that separately to our private Facebook group page but here are some still shots!

Obviously the current tenants are still occupying the spot but starting June 1st we will be in making improvements and getting ready to fully move in by July 1st! Just in time for Hero Week!Where is this located?Literally down the street! We couldn't ask for a better location! Some of the other ones we were looking at would have put us more west or more north or more south but this is a move that keeps us on the same street! Here's the address: 974 W 14420 S Suite #5 Bluffdale, UT 84065What changes will we see?This is a huge increase in space! We will be splitting this space into two separate gyms so we can run simultaneous classes while still keeping the nice open feel we have come to love at our current location.2 stand alone showers separate from 2 stand alone bathrooms.A kid's area fully separate from the gyms to keep your kids safe from running out into the gym and to keep you focussed on working out.A lounge area.A beautiful front desk area.New classes for you to sign up for located in the same location as your CrossFit home.There are a lot of other plans in play that will be announced as they become official.We really couldn't and wouldn't be making this jump without all of you. You have built this gym to this point and we believe with the community we have in place, we can make this a successful venture. It is a big risk but an even bigger opportunity for us to expand our influence on the area and really impact more lives with our vision of health and wellness. We're going to need all hands on deck the next 6 weeks as we rebrand and search out the right coaches to add to our team.If you have any instructor that you have loved, please reach out to me. We are looking for the best from the world of Yoga, Pilates, HIGH, and any other cool class we can add to this space. I am personally excited to get back to my coaching soccer days and get back to coaching some youth teams as well. If you have teams who are looking for that edge on their competition, let me know!We are excited to add to the already awesome atmosphere and community we have. One thing that won't change is our offering of CrossFit. I am a true believer in the CrossFit movement and the foundation it is built on. These changes will not affect your classes in any way. We plan to keep the same hours and maybe, as we grow, add additional hours to choose from. With this bigger space, we have just become a lot more flexible.Those of you who have been with us since the beginning have seen the changes over the years. We believe in putting back into the gym and our goal is to always make our member's experience better and better. Sometimes it takes some time to do this and to do it right and we appreciate all of you for your patience and for your love of The Point. We truly hope you feel the care we take when making big decisions such as this. Our discussions behind these types of decisions always come with our current members in mind. We always want to make your experience better and make it a space where you want to invite your friends and family to join our community.Thanks again for all you do and for who you all are. I can't wait for the next chapter of The Point!Coach Dan

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