Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.26.2016

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP,Finally getting to this after a long Sunday nap! I hope that you all are having a great and restful weekend.First of all, thank you to Marianne Sharp and Jeffrey Wheeler for representing The Point with me this past weekend at Battle Forged. It was a fun competition and it was fun to see you both compete. Congratulations to Marianne for her 2nd place finish!Last night was also a blast! It was so fun to bring back Beast Mode. Missed all of you who couldn't make it but loved the group that came. There's something special about getting together with friends to knock out a grueling WOD late on a Saturday night. Thank you so much for joining and conquering the challenge.I gave a little teaser about this year's upcoming "Salute The Point" referral contest. Last year we did it in the month of July and this year we will be doing the same thing! Many of you remember it bur for those of you who are new or don't remember what this is I will explain it a bit.Salute The Point is a chance for you all to finally have a bargaining chip to help get your friends and family into The Point. I know that many of you are constantly trying to get certain individuals to join us with no avail... Many times the excuse is it's too much money. For people who have never done CrossFit at The Point they don't understand the value. So to help them understand we run this special once a year. This is the only time we will run this special this year so it is important we get as many people as possible to try it. The special is 3 months for $150.Who is eligible?All new members and any previous members who have been at The Point but have left for whatever reason more than 3 months ago.How does it work?They must sign up in the month of July. The individuals who use this promotion will schedule with me for foundations (If they are previous members they can just start up again). Their 3 months begins the day of their first day at The Point. When they finish their three months they will then be put at the current rate at The Point month to month unless they want to use one of the 3, 6, or 12 month pay up front programs available.Why do we do this?For multiple reasons. The biggest is that in the 4 and a half years we have been open the biggest thing I have learned is that in order to build a strong community and gym you have to be looking after the best people to fill that community. Right now, we have the best people I could ever ask for as members of The Point. By bringing in your friends I am guaranteeing that we are building our community with people that will fit the gym atmosphere we have created.The reason for the 3 months is that I believe 3 months is enough time for our friends to come out and try it and to really get a feel for if it is a right fit for them. I know that not everyone is going to stay but this at least gives us a chance to let them truly try it out and decide for themselves.How do you win?The contest is multi-faceted. First way for you to win prizes is for you to share this promotion onto your social media sites, mainly Facebook but I think we are going to bring in Instagram this year. Every day there will be a new post for you to like and share. This post will explain this promotion. You will be able to share this post and like it once a day. Each time you do you will get your name entered into a drawing for awesome prizes to be given out weekly.The second way to win is to bring in the most people. At the end of month we will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. The prizes for these winners will be the best of all. We gave out more than $3,000 in prizes last year!I am excited to be doing this again. Last year we brought in some amazing people who are still going at it now. It has been so awesome to see them progress over the past year. Thank you for making The Point a place where you can bring friends and they feel comfortable trying it out. The peeps at The Point are more than just members of a box to me. You all truly are the best people I have ever met. Thanks for being willing to bring in your friends and family. The success of the box comes down to each member of the box.Coach Dan

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