Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.31.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP,Last day of the month. I'd say it's been a successful one. It's been really awesome to see all of you transform your bodies with healthy eating and hard work. Love this time of year as we are rejuvenated and getting our diets dialed in for the upcoming summer months. Even bigger props to those of you who maintain constant healthy eating habits. The more consistent we are in developing healthy habits the more we will progress towards our goals. I want all of you who are doing the Lurong Living Summertime Challenge or any other personal challenge that I know many of you are doing to sit back and acknowledge how good it feels to eat healthy. You all are in the middle of your challenges and I know you are finally starting to see and feel the benefits of healthy eating and consistent working out. Log this feeling into your mind and when this challenge is over DO NOT SLIP BACK INTO THE OLD HABITS.


I want to congratulate the two teams who went out and took on The Mercenary Mile yesterday. We had two teams compete. CFTP A= Myself, Coach Dave, Coach JoAnn, and Emily and CFTP B= Adam Carpenter, Tyler Newman, Lindsay Winn, and Marianne Sharp. It was a grueling workout as you will see when the amazing Steve Arnoldus posts the pictures. Both teams did extremely well. CFTP B edged out my team CFTP A by about 30 seconds and jumped onto the podium in 3rd place! CFTP A came in 4th. It was a great showing and I loved seeing all the hard work that all these individuals put into the gym day in and day out on display outside the gym.There are three more competitions of interest coming up in June. The first is a guy/girl competition up at SLC CrossFit called Friday Night Lights (Held on a Saturday this year) it is on June 13th. Here is the Facebook link: Friday Night Lights. I am interested in doing it if any ladies would like to do it with me. I know there are others interested. I will throw all these comps on the board at the gym and if you are interested throw your name up there.The second competition is Battle Forged out at CrossFit 1976. It is on June 20th in the morning. This is an individual comp. I would love for a few of you to join me out there. Here is the link with the details: Battle Forged.The final competition is The Spartan Super in Midway. This is on Saturday, June 27th. We already have a team set up and it is going to be a blast! You can check out details for this race here. I will put this one on the board as well and please put down if you have signed up already ore plan to do this. I want to make sure we are all running together so we need to get you signed up for our existing team.Signing up for competitions and races help keep us focused. It gives us a tangible timetable for our goals. It provides a motivation that cannot be manufactured in any other way. Don't let your fears prevent you from challenging yourselves. Sign up for that 5K. Sign up for that half marathon. Sign up for one of the events I mentioned above. There isn't a lack of competitions to choose from. Challenge yourselves and watch your focus go through the roof.Coach Dan

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