Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.31.2020

November 6, 2020

We made it through another month in 2020!

Promotion Ends Today
The Re-opening special which includes Unlimited Group Fitness Classes for 3 months ($99) or Unlimited CrossFit Classes for 3 months ($199) ends today! If you still have friends or family who are interested, make sure you shoot them a reminder today.
CrossFit Link:
Group Fitness Link:
After today, I will collect the number of referrals from each current member and hand out the bags to the two winners! On top of that, any one person who brings in 5 or more themselves receives their next month free... Let's see if anyone accomplishes that.
I want to thank you all for participating in this promotion. I am loving seeing all the new members come in.

CrossFit Foundations Classes
This week I will be running two foundations classes for those new to CrossFit. I want all members who are new to CrossFit to join these classes. We will go over all the basic barbell movements in CrossFit and give you a general overview of what CrossFit is. This will give me an opportunity to give you more one on one time and answer specific questions you might have. They will be held Monday and Wednesday at 6 PM. Please sign up on the app so I know who to expect.

Summer Youth CrossFit
With summer finally here, we are now moving to our Summer schedule for our Youth CrossFit classes. Not only that... we will be adding another age group! Age group: 4-6.
Here's the schedule:
Monday and Wednesday:
Ages 4-6 and 6-9: 10:45-11:15
Ages 10-14: 11:15-Noon
Here are the links to sign your kids up:
Monthly ($50):
Monthly w/sibling Discount ($40):
10-Punch Pass ($75):

Watch the video above and the PDFs below to see a visual representation of the details and what we have in store.

June Nutrition Challenge
First off, this challenge is included in all of your memberships!!! This will be so awesome and I am so excited to have Erin Love and 360FitnessNutrition involved with this.
She has created an amazing challenge that we all will benefit from if we jump in. Here are the details:


Challenge SlideshowDownload

Challenge Communication
To be part of this challenge we have decided to use the Glide app. YES! Another app, I know... I was resistant to this idea too at first but just think of this app as an app dedicated to this challenge. When you log onto this app it will be for the sole purpose of the nutrition challenge. No getting lost in the Facebooksphere.
So first thing I need all of you to do is to download the Glide app, create an account and add me as a friend. I will then add you to the group. This app is easy to use and allows you to share the things necessary to accomplish the tasks in the Bingo Challenge. This accountability is going to be key to your success.

Let's get down to the Challenge Prizes!
For every 2 bingos you accomplish you will receive a free 1 month membership to Point Fitness or CrossFit The Point to give to one of your friends! There is no limit to how many you can receive through bingos.
Highest Participation Prizes
With the Glide app, Erin and myself will be able to gauge all of your participation in this challenge. Not only through the bingos received but also the number of Glide posts you put up and your success stories. We will take all of this into account when choosing the top three winners:
1st Prize:
1 Pair of shoes (up to $150)
Point Fitness Store Package which includes: (Value: $120)
- 1 Bag of CSE Protein
- Canister of Perk
- 1 Offbeat butter
- Point Fitness Shirt
2nd and 3rd Prize:
Point Fitness Store Package

Final Thoughts
Being back this month with all of you has been amazing for me. Not only that, your willingness to share our gym with your friends has been inspiring and I am so grateful for you helping keep my dream alive of providing a community that bands together to better themselves.
That's what Point Fitness has become. It may have started as a gym for people to workout at but has transformed into much more than that for me and many of you. That is thanks to your positive attitudes and motivation.
The gym can't be your main focus in life but it can be a place where you can improve every other aspect of your life. It can be a place where you inspire other people to better their lives. It can be something special that you share with your friends and family.

Thank you all for being that example to me and those I care most about.

Coach Dan

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