Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.4.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Evening CFTP,I love this time of year! It's race season! Social media can be a bit much sometimes but I love being able to see your posts about races and accomplishments. You all do amazing things with the fitness you have earned at the gym. Thank you for sharing.With summer just around the corner we all will be spending a lot more time outside... You know what that means! Swim trunks and bikinis! You all put in so much work at the gym and now it is time to work on your bodies from the inside out. To help you in the kitchen we are jumping on board with the Lurong Living Paleo Summertime Challenge. This challenge has been the best run challenge I have come across. It has a software that keeps you accountable and also has a great way to keep track of how you are doing. On top of that we will be having our nutritionist, Amy Robinson, sending all those who sign up weekly meal plans and advice. We did this challenge this last fall and everyone who participated saw amazing results. Ryan Cole was one who fully committed himself to this challenge and I asked him to share his experience with us.Ryan Cole:I wanted to share some of my thoughts and experience since joining CFTP and participating in the Lurong Challenge. Since I finished graduate school in 2003, my life has really been out of balance. Starting a new job right after graduate school and struggling to start a family and I continued to push my life out of balance and I became very complacent with respect to my health; something I took for granted. I started a consulting business in 2008, which further increased my stress and unbalanced in my life further.This last year turning 41 I decided my life needed to change. I was overweight, out of shape, had trouble getting to sleep, snored a lot (keeping my wife awake), and was sometimes grouchy with my kids. Something needed to change and the change needed to come from myself, not someone else. I was looking for changes in my lifestyle that included my health. So Sept 8th 2014 I joined CFTP. Before joining I had never spent any time at a gym and had never lifted weights. I had known Dan for a long time and knew how healthy and athletic he was. If anyone could help me change and get in shape it was Dan. My first week at CFTP was hard, I puked 2 different times during a 2 different WOD’s with running out by the bushes and almost lost it a third time inside.Towards the end of that week, people there were talking about the Lurong challenge. I decided why not and signed up. I can honestly say that 8-week fall Lurong, challenged me both mentally and physically and was one of the hardest things, physically, I have done in over 10 years. During the Lurong challenge I consistently attended CrossFit at least 3 times a week, more often 4 times a week. I tracked my progress over the 8 weeks and I noticed a major change in my appearance, physique, weight and more importantly how I felt. During the Lurong Challenge I lost 20 lbs and did not have one cheat meal. For me the experience was well worth it and I look forward to this upcoming Summer challenge. I would encourage anyone looking for change in their life to sign up.

Ryan Progress Lurong

Coming to CFTP has been a sacrifice for me but it continues to be well worth the experience. The coaches and athletes are great! They treat me as family and everyone is concerned with my progress. I have met some really great people and made some great friendships and look forward to meeting others.Thank you Ryan for sharing. I couldn't have said it any better myself. We are lucky to have you as a member at The Point.Go to the link below and sign up today! I know if you do this changes will happen and you will be happy you challenged yourself.Lurong Living Summertime Challenge 2015This week will be another awesome week. Don't forget about our new Olympic Lifting class on Wednesday nights at 6:45 PM with Taylor Chiu. If you'd like to sign up for that please contact me and I will get you hooked up.Coach Dan

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