Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 5.8.2016

November 6, 2020

First of all huge shoutout to our Mountain Meltdown crew! We had 5 teams run up that crazy steep mountain! 20 athletes pushed hard and finished strong. The conditions were rough with snow and sleet but that didn't stop them. I am super proud of the whole crew. Thank you so much for representing The Point. You made us all look good!This past week I was watching Sportscenter and was intrigued by something they said. They were talking about the Indiana Pacers and the reason behind letting their head coach go after six years of coaching their team. Larry Bird, President of Basketball Operations, said this about the decision he made. "I’ve decided that it’s time for a new voice around here."You're probably wondering why I found this interesting. As a coach I totally understand what Larry Bird is saying here. It is very interesting to watch my athletes and the progression of the athlete/coach relationship. I still remember when my athletes first join The Point and how hungry they are to receive guidance and to trust myself and my coaching team. They ate up every word we said and their progress showed that. Even now, when I get new athletes joining the gym it is so refreshing to see their attitude and to see how willing they are to change their lifestyle and how eager they are to learn new movements. After a while though, with some athletes, this eagerness changes.Sometimes when you have listened to a coach tell you something over and over again it begins to fall on deaf ears. Sometimes I laugh when an athlete comes in from a business trip where they visited a very well known gym with a coach that is a games athlete or regionals athlete and they tell me about a learning experience they had there. The coach there gave them a cue that changed their world. Then they tell me the cue and it was a cue I had given that athlete at least 20 times before but it went unheard. I love hearing stories like this because however you learned it doesn't matter to me because now it has clicked for you but it also is frustrating because I know if you could have heard it from me earlier you would have progressed earlier.It is a fact that none of your coaches at The Point have personally gone to the games. It is a fact that there are amazing coaches out there who are different than me and our coaching team. I understand that not every coach and not every gym coaches or programs the same. It doesn't make them or myself wrong... It just makes us different. I have personally coached over 7,000 hours of CrossFit. I have programmed well over 1,000 WODs at The Point. Our coaching team has coached over 10,000 hours. We have seen a lot and we are continually learning.You have a coaching team here at The Point who knows you. We see you everyday. We know your strengths. We know your weaknesses. We know your injuries. We know your tendencies. We know your goals. The CFTP coaching team sincerely cares about your progress and we are doing everything that we can to bring out the best in you. But we need your help. We need your attention.When you come into the gym we need you to be open to suggestions and be open to what we have programmed. The warmups we program everyday are well thought out. They are there to prevent injury and to prepare you for the workout. When you come in late or come in and don't warmup you are missing an essential part of the workout. You are leaving yourself open to injury and you will not perform at your best. When you skip the strength workout you are missing out on a chance to slow down the movements and work on form. You are missing out on a chance to increase your capacity in a given movement. When you come in with the attitude that "this WOD is stupid" or "I suck at this" then you are defeated before you even start.My hope from writing this is for you to take a step back and do your best to listen to your coaches a little bit more. Open up your ears and hear the advice you pay us for. Use our experience to your advantage. I understand you all have strong opinions about how things should be run. I know you have your favorite trainers and some trainers push you better. While this is true for all of us please open yourself up to other point of views. Every trainer brings something unique to the table. Be open to their coaching styles.You pay me to make you stronger and to make you fitter. I in turn pay my trainers to help me in this process. I do not take this job lightly. I sincerely care about you and your progress. I stress over every workout I put together. You can ask Emily about how many hours I spend worrying about whether or not I am doing everything I can to make CrossFit The Point the best gym around. I listen to your suggestions and I try my best to incorporate them to make your experience the best possible. I need your help in this as well. I need you to be positive and to work hard. I need you to challenge yourself. I need you to see a workout and to take it in stride and trust that it will make you a better athlete. Your attitude goes a long way in the attitude of your fellow athletes. You be the example that helps your box mates excel.Thank you for being the best members around. I really do love you all. Huge shout out to all the mothers out there today! You are what make this world so bright.Coach Dan

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