Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.1.2014

November 6, 2020

Nate and I at last year's Spartan Beast - Photo Cred Michelle Cavender

Good Evening CFTP Members,Welcome to June. Month of the Spartan Race! Time to rev up and get ready to get down and dirty. We have 25 runners on our team! That is amazing! If you are still interested in running and haven't signed up be sure to as soon as possible. Now, it is only 4 weeks away! It's time to ramp up. We have special Spartan WODs on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. Some of you have been attending and others have not. I have run my share of Spartans and my goal is to prepare you the best I can to be most successful come race day but you have to put in the work. It is 12+ miles with 25+ obstacles! Prepare now or regret it later. These 12 miles are not your downhill slight incline miles. They are up and down hills. Saturday trainings take place out in Yellow Fork and they are very similar to what you will face in Midway. Take advantage of these training sessions.With it being June we are doing a Summer Sale!!! ALL CLOTHING IS $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every piece of clothing we have behind our desk. All Gnarly products are $15 a piece! That is over 50% off everything!One last thing I'd like to share that I learned over this past weekend from Regionals. I learned it from my favorite athlete ever. They called him the "Cerebral Assassin" Chris Spealler. In the first event of the weekend he came in 28th. That put him into, of course, 28th place. By the end, he placed 2nd and is going to the games for the 7th and final time. He is a special competitor and we can learn a lot about how we should never count ourselves out. Whether it be at Regionals, a local CrossFit Competition, a marathon, the Spartan Race, or maybe something in our personal lives. We should never quit. Don't get down on yourself. So what if you slept in today and missed your morning class, come in tomorrow. So what if you didn't get a new max on your back squat. Work hard and be ready for the next time we do it. Don't beat yourself up. Stay strong and keep your head up high. You all are amazing athletes and the most amazing people I know. Ignore the outside forces and critics and you focus on you. Make them eat their words!See you all tomorrow!Coach Dan

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