Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.12.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Today I am going to go through the rules for the Clean Simple Eats CFTP Challenge (CSECFTP CHALLENGE) that starts tomorrow! I am super excited to be doing an eating challenge as a gym again. It's been too long. I hope that you all join us as we do this.First and foremost I am going to go over how you join this challenge. For those of you who have yet to buy Erika Peterson's CSE Summer Plan you will need to do that first. You can go to this link and purchase the plan. Use promotion code CFTP for $20 off! You will need to bring that $20 savings into the gym and we will pool the money all together and create a pot for the winners of the CSECFTP CHALLENGE. (That's a mouthful!)The CSECFTP CHALLENGE will be a point based competition. You can earn points throughout the next 40 days in a number of ways. I will explain those ways in this post below. At the end of the challenge we will have two winners, male and female, who will win the pot of money.Here are the ways you can earn your points! I will go into detail about each bullet at the bottom.

Purchase Summer Meal Plan (20 Points)Use code CFTP to get $20 off the ticketed price of the plan. Bring that $20 you saved into The Point and enter the CSECFTP CHALLENGE. If you prefer to use a plan you have previously purchased from CSE then that is fine. You can use that plan but you will not get these points. You will still need to deposit $20 into the CSECFTP CHALLENGE pool to join our in house competition.Pictures (30 Points)Take before and after pictures. The rules are explained on the CSE website. You will submit these photos to Erika at the end of the competition to receive your points.WOD at The Point (20 points/week)Attend CFTP to get these points. You will be required to use the box command app to log your attendance. If you are unsure on how to use that then ask. This is how I am going to keep attendance for the competitors. If you do not attend 4 days a week you will only receive 4 points per day that you attended. Attending 4 days or more will give you a total 20 points.Follow the plan (3 points/day)I will have a chart at the gym where you will add stickers for each day you followed the CSE plan 100%. We will allow two exceptions to this... You are allowed a pre workout and a post workout shake. Those will be the only exceptions allowed if you are to receive credit for clean eating. Either you followed the plan or you didn't. Dinners are interchangeable... So as long as you are following the recipes in the plan for every meal, no matter the order, then you will be considered 100%.Extra Credit (25 points per week)Every Sunday I will announce an extra credit assignment. This will be a physical challenge i.e run 10 miles... You have from Monday till Saturday to accomplish this task.Refer a friend (40 Points)If at any time you have a friend join The Point during the challenge you will receive 40 points per friend. We are running a special during this challenge... It is $50/first month for new CrossFitters at The Point.Compete (30 Points)There are competitions going on almost ever weekend. Even if the competition isn't for a couple of months... If you sign up for a competition you will receive these points. You just need to show me that you signed up. CrossFit 1976 is having one next week... It's out in Eagle Mountain... This would be a good one for you all to sign up for... There are many more. If you have a question on whether a certain competition would count... Just ask me.Before and after pictures (5o points)The pictures you submit will be reviewed by JJ and Erika and they will pick who they believe had the biggest transformation. The male and female winner will receive 50 points.Share your meals (2 points per share)Using #CSECFTPCHALLENGE share your meals with us. You can share them publicly or on our private member Facebook page. For every meal you share you will receive 2 points. I will be looking for the posts using the hashtag so be sure to tag it. Maximum 1 per day.WOD Improvement (40 Points)We will be completing two WODs the first week. You will not know which WODs will be retested. To get the points you, first of all, must complete both WODs. Then during the last week of the competition we will repeat both WODs. For each WOD you improve on you receive 20 points.I can't wait to watch as you all change your lifestyles. Eating clean is so essential to living a healthy life. I see you all putting 100 percent in at the gym... Now it is time to put that same effort in the kitchen!Coach Dan

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